New Asian Beauty Shop Discovery! Beauty Maker, Palgantong Powder etc.

So I was browsing some kind of beauty website when one of those little google ads popped up – Asian Beauty Brands in the UK it said.

So I clicked and I was greeted by – indeed based in the UK. The brand that stuck out to me was Beautymaker – a Taiwanese brand made by a make up artist called Kevin. I had seen his products because I bought his book a while back and the review is here.

Anyway, there is something odd about the site – its based in the UK but it is ENTIRELY in Chinese. Which is a problem because I can’t read Chinese so I had to flick through all the sections ones by one! But its not a huge store so it wasn’t too bad.

Shipping was free with purchases over £19.99 and the prices weren’t too bad (from eBay or else where, the exchange rate is poor and you would have to pay shipping, possibly customs etc.)

My haul:


I got a dual ended white eye pencil £8.99, Palantong Theatrical Powder in Original £7.99 and Kevin B Sweetheart Lip Balm £8.99:


The pencil is white and has a matte and pearl side. I Lovveeeee it. I had complained before about how most pencils don’t work on my watery eyes, but this one did and it was super duper soft.



Beautymaker brand – they had some nice shadows and concealers too, but I am already swimming in concealers.




It is slightly tinted with a moisture rich core:


I’ve wanted to try Palgantong Powder for a while. There are 2 shades, light and orignal. This powder, original almost has a pinkish hue but is the darker of the two.


I tried it out today with a powder and its a fab powder. Its a tad light on me (I am a NC35 in MAC) but its not too bad. It covers well, looks even and lasts a longggg time. This is with a bit of primer and powder on top – I have terrible skin at the moment (stress!) but it still looks soft and flattering. Good powder!


The shop is here if you want to browse, there’s some nice bits but it is all in Chinese. Don’t worry, there’s always this (select Chinese Traditonal!)

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  1. mandypandy says

    I tried the powder several weeks ago and was impressed; it’s only one notch down from my beloved (and discontinued) Pout Translucent Loose Powder. The only problem is that it’s so heavily fragranced that it irritates my skin to no end. I also hate that there’s no ingredients list on the packaging (or maybe there is, but I can’t find it because I don’t understand Korean).

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Did you not stockpile the Pout? I do like the Palgantong, a lot, I also love Nars (have you tried this) and La Mer’s is very very nice (if you are looking for another HG powder). I hate fragranced base products – Lancome but a bucket load of purfume into their foundations and creams and it makes me itch!

  2. sue says

    I like this powder too. I bought it in Light Beige which is a tad light on skin. I wish it was Original Beige!