Nars Angel Heart & Liquid Eyeliner – Plus Luster Blush

Things I can’t say no to – cream eyeshadows, egg tarts and a Nars Makeover.

Should you ever be in Nars Manchester, find Leena. She does the most amazing make up on you. But I digress!

As if there’s anything else I need from Nars! Nevertheless, Leena showed me some tightlining techniques she had learned at the Clothes show.

1 – Brush the eyeliner on the top of the lashes, and brush in the lash.

2 – The do under the lashes.

3 – Apply to the waterline.

Yeah yeah, we all know about tightlining – wasn’t it a Laura Mercier thing? I actually bought the LM Push Brush and Caviar Black Cake Eyeliner at the time but couldn’t be bothered with mixing up the eyeliner to use day to day, plus I found that cake liner tends to run on me.

Anyway, I was so happy with the result I got with the Nars Liquid Eyeliner!

The pure black (and it is a very true black) is called Angel Heart – you get a tiny brush with it.

This is the effect I got (eyeshadow use is Habanera):

Swatches of Habanera, Copacobana (used under the eyes as a highligter) and Luster blush:

Copacobana is a little too light on my NC35 skintone but really lifts the face under the eye.

Habanera is GORGEOUS! The minty green is a perfect highlight and the dark side is a very sparkly true grey-green.

Luster is a medium light peach – it is STUNNING. But this is Nars blusher after all.

Since I already had a ton of black eyeliner I passed on the black and got a gorgeous metallic grey-steel-black, Eqqus and a metallic Brown, Silkwood:

I actually went back for black the next day – it’ the classic after all!

What I was suprised about it the lasting power of the liner – I had it on til 2am and it was still there, a little smudged but in a sexy way. My eyes water and water like crazy so I was surprised that a liquid liner could last for so long.

Also the shade is perfect – it is BLACK, not a muddly black-grey, a true black which will go with anything.

The other things which really stood out for me is the texture. For lining under the lashes it is perfect. The usual choices are a pencil liner, cake liner, gel or liquid.

I have tried tightlining with pencil – because my eyes are watery pencils that are waxy will not apply nicely plus its not having something as thick as a pencil poking in your eye!

I like the Cake Liner because there is control, but there is less staying powder and it requires work to mix up the liner.

Gel varies – I think that with a Gel liner you have the control, but it can almost be too dry depending on what formula you use, to tightline with it. Lasting powder can vary too.

The Nars liner is a good balance between all of them – it gives true colour and is liquid enough to be easy to apply but dries quickly. Also, it is not too thick or cakey (ever tried Shiseido Black Cream liner? Urgh its like cold butter). But the RIGHT colour and the RIGHT texture.

Only bummer is you need to get a brush and warm up the product a bit to get if flowing as I found it can be a bit thick if u don’t give it a quick roll in the hands. But you do that already, right?!

I love everything I got from this make over! It may well be my Christmas Day look!

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