My new Camera! The Sony T900

I have quite a few cameras but I was still looking for an extremely fast and colour true compact. I wanted something I could carry every day without much hassle.

Here’s my new camera! Being a Sony it’s pretty expensive for a compact but they have really clear, beautiful lenses. On the other hand I really begrudge the fact I have to use their stupid memory sticks when every other camera I use takes a (cheap, reliable) SD card.

Anyway! Unveiling!:


Too much paper!:


The camera itself has a large touch screen and has HD film recording.


I got loads of accessories before hand – screen protectors (that don’t bloomin fit!) mini tripod, case, memory card, spare battery. It was like planning for the arrival for a baby, but better!


Any camera questions, you can ask!

Check out my new hoover! yes its one of those auto ones:

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  1. says

    I have a sony cyber shot as well! (mine is cheap (er) and comes with a couple more bottoms.) I love how it gives a really sharp image and it’s great for people with shaky hands like me…

    I think I need a screen protector as well…never though of that actually…

    • Row says

      Hey Citrine

      This is the newest model thats out – I love it so QUICK, so sleek. Is yours a touch screen? If so, you need a screen protector!

  2. paolo says

    hi, everyone
    i have Sony DSC T300, and i very disappointed ( noise everywhere and everytimes).
    now, i want to buy T900. But i wonder how quality is it? Still noise?
    Can u show me some photos taken by T900 (in night or inside)? Please
    im? a student.. So i dont have much money, i dont want to disappointed again.
    Thanks for reading

    • Row says

      Hi Paolo

      I’ve had the T900 for a few weeks now. The T900 doesn’t have much noise BUT I have noticed it doesn’t cope perfectly in low light conditions – it is susceptible to blur if you don’t use flash. I personally find the pictures with flash a little too red toned.

      I am keeping mine though because its small, slick and fast. However – for you, no I don’t recommend it. The T900 is an expensive camera but you will still get noise with it in low light conditions. Why not go to a store and try some out – I like the Panasonic Lumix (this would have been my second choice but its slightly bulkier than the T900).

      Hope that helps!

  3. paolo says

    dear, Row
    sorry for disturbing u again
    but i wonder in sun-light how is its quallity? and in-side
    i mean when u shoot it in house, how sharp is it?