My Beauty Diary has a baby! FaceQ Luffa & Adlay Sheet Mask Review

From the very popular Taiwanese sheet mask company, My Beauty Diary comes a range called FaceQ…it’s really, really, really, really cute:


There were four to choose from, Pomegranate + Co Q10 Mask (for whitening, oil control, and lightening pigmentation and the appearance of fine lines), Ocean + Aloe Mask marine collagen mask (for deep hydration), Luffa +Adlay Mask (for soothing sensitive skin, tightening pores and hydration) and finally, Grape Seed + Green Tea Mask (for brightening, moisturizing and improving skin elasticity).

Because I have no idea what Luffa or Adlay is, and because I like green, I chose this mask:


Ok, so I did a bit of research once the mask arrived and found out what the ingredients are…Adlay – I recognise these, my mum has put them into soups before:


Luffa – basically, LOOFAH! This is it in it’s green form:


What you already knew that? Ahem.

Using a sheet mask is easy – no rinsing or washing off, you just put it on, making sure it fits properly then leave on for 15-20 minutes.

I do worry every time I use a new face mask because my skin is sensitive and if it doesn’t like something – it will let me know but punishing me with dry, red, flaky scabs.

This Adlay and Luffa face mask smells sort of fresh, a little bit flowery but very ‘green’, if that makes sense. It’s a very clean smell, like a child when they’ve had a wash (I must be around stinky kids too often).

It’s weird for a face mask but I don’t mind it.

The way that it felt was amazing! There was not a hint of a allergic reaction, it settled my skin and cooled it down. When the mask came off, my skin looked brighter and less red, and also felt hydrated:


It’s also quite hydrating I found…yep – a great sheet mask. I have tried My Beauty Diary ones before and they are hit and miss – some work, some send my skin into an itchy frenzy. So this is an excellent one – can’t wait to try the others in the range.

I bought mine from eBay, for about £15 (pack of 10).

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  1. says

    These masks sound great. I quite like My Beauty Diary Masks (although the plastic they include is a little annoying) so these will probably work for me too.