Monday Lunchtime Shopping: Free Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Cooler Bag

I had to let you know about this freebie from The Perfume Shop, because its just too damn cute!

From the 21st June to 7th July, you will get a free Harajuku Lovers Cool Bag with any purchase from the Sunshine Cuties range (£14.50 each).


I want that bag so badly, if its smaller than expected I’ll use it as a make up bag, if its quite big I’ll use it as a lunch bag. I’d pay £14.50 for it on its own!

I don’t own any Harajuku Lovers Perfumes so I will have to get my snotty, hayfever-y nose ready to pick one! Any advice as to which one smells nice? I personally like the look of LOVE but I’ve never smelt it:

#alttext#Picked up any good freebies lately?

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  1. Emma says

    What a cute case!! Thanks for letting us know about this offer….just wondered, do you think it will be available online or is it just instore?

  2. Jen says

    Awwww so cute!…I remember spending ages sniffing these in Debenhams (they were giving away cute tote bags with them back then!) when they first came out to decide which one to get…ended up buying Lil Angel, it’s gorgeously pineapple-y smelling, reminds me of summer! There’s also one that smells of coconut, I forgot which one tho!

    Last freebie I picked up was an Urban Retreat goody bag after a long overdue haircut…lipgloss and mascara sealer!

  3. says

    That bag is so cute! I like the smell of Love and Lil’ Angel the most. I think they’re all nice though, they’re a beautiful light scent. <3

  4. Giselle says

    i absolutely love G! thats the one that smells like coconut…but its not that annoying “young” smell. its a bit deep and its awesome. i just ordered some actually :)