Monday Giveaway: Win a complete skincare set with Karin Herzog!

Hola ladies!

Today is a housekeeping day, lots of announcements as we get ready for the festive season! Are you up to date?

Anyway, I have a really fab giveaway for you today! Karin Herzog will be giving away a set of skincare to one lucky winner – tailored to your own specific needs after a skincare analysis!


I had my skin analysed and it was excellent – you know normally, when you go on a counter and you explain that you have dry bits but also oily bits, but also sensitive bits, but also spotty bits and the SA just says “Combination”? Well my analysis was 2 pages long and had a proper regime guide for me! Exciting.

So you want to win?

They have also sent me the products they recommended to test out. I got these a few days ago and have had a play and so far so good. I will report back properly in a month on the pros/cons.


Answer this:

Tell me about all of your skincare concerns. Tell me about your skin at the moment and how what you want to achieve.


I am feeling like my skin is getting older although it is smooth. I want my skin to look firm and tight, I want my pores to look smaller, I want to get rid of my blackheads and to not have spots appearing on areas like my chin and on my upper lip where I am prone to massive zits.

Karin Herzog is offering a free skincare consultation (you will get a word document emailed to you like I did) for every entrant. Its a pretty interesting to read because it explains the importance of the lymph nodes (something that Chizu Saeki also swears by).

Anyway, if you don’t want to be emailed this please say so in your comment entry, although its 100% no obligation consultation.

Warning though – it is a detailed analysis. I had to read it a few times to get it, but its quite straightforward once you know how. It will be worth it if I become blackhead-dry-patch free!

Winner announced next week!

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  1. minty says

    I have strange skin, its dry/ sensitive. If I don’t moisturize properly, my cheek area gets super dry and flaky and gets whiteheads and leaves little black spot where it flaskes. I don’t know what caused tat. My right cheek side is okish but left side is more face skin is discolored.I get reaction frm different moisturizers, pretty much all of dem aftr sum time so I have to keep changing them. I wish I had clear bright skin. I want freshskin .I’m 26.

  2. Nicolavc86 says

    where do i start, i have blackheads & white heads over my cheeks, forehead, nose & chin. I’m oily in my forehead, nose & cheeks with large pores. my upper lip & bottom of my nose is prone to dryness and if i break out its along my chin and jaw. and the appearance is very dull for a 23 year old!! my email address is

  3. says

    I want my skin to look brighter and not be so blemish prone. I have an oily t-zone but sometimes my nose flakes even though it’s secreting oil like nobody’s business. I have a lot of whiteheads and a lesser amount of blackheads on my nose. I tend to get hormonal breakouts at random spots, one month it’d be on my nose, the next month it’ll be on my chin and even my eyebrows. Scars take very long (around two years) to fade especially on my cheeks.

  4. Hannah Young says

    I would really like smaller pores (not sure if that is actaully possible but one can hope!!)

  5. roisin says

    I have a really oily T zone but it is also very flaky and my cheeks are really dry as well and after I wash my face it always feels so tight so then I moisturise and then I get oily, I can never win. I have loads of blackheads on my nose and chin and some on my forehead. I get loads of small red marks near my eyebrows and around my nose and mouth. I just wish I had smaller pores and less blackheads because I don’t want to have the pock marked effect when I’m older.

  6. Heather T. says

    I have acne scars & normal-dry skin. I also see lines (not from aging) on my forehead.

  7. Nina says

    I have oily, acne prone skin. My skin is in its worst shape I have seen. I get tons of bumps on my chin and jawline and sometimes they hurt like hell. I have scarring because of it and it’s not pretty. I have blackheads & whiteheads especially on my nose. I would really like my skin to even out and for my pores to be cleaned.

  8. Rachel says

    The areas on my skin that are most prone to acne is the temples, cheek and jaw area which I have a feeling is hormonal but I might be wrong. Most of the acne on my cheeks are under the skin without a head and the acne scars in that area takes a long time to fade. My forehead can get really oily but I almost never get breakouts in that area or any areas on my t-zone. I have also pigmentation spots on my cheeks and temples which I am quite concerned about. I am Asian, just turned 24 a few weeks ago and was diagnosed with a mild case of polycystic ovarian syndrome about 3 years ago.

    Many thanks in advance!


  9. Rachel says

    I’ve forgotten to add what I want to achieve. I think for now I would be really happy with just clear skin that is free from acne. I want only that. I can deal with the oiliness and pigmentation. If I could ask for one thing: It would be for an acne free skin.

  10. Claire says

    My skin the the weirdest ever: it breaks out and flakes at the same time, but only in certain areas, and never more than one spot at a time. It’s as if it knows I don’t like it and wants to irk me.
    I hope that I can get rid of these spots of true torture and get glowy bootiful skin :)

  11. says

    Isn’t this for UK readers only? Anyway….

    I basically have dry skin, with oily T-zone. But, if I don’t moisturize the teezone enough, it gets dry and oily at the same time. Is that possible? Usually, my nose shines and flakes. At the same time, again. And the pores on my nose! I’d like the blackheads gone and have smaller pores.
    I go swimming once or twice a week and that has its toll on my skin. Where it’s most under the water of the pool (jawline, cheeks) my skin itches and weird red streaks appear (like bloodshot streaks or bleeding cuts). They disappear in a few days, but they are hard to cover and itchy like hell.
    Also, I have dark under-eye circles. I think it must be because of bad blood vessels or something, since so far nothing helped. (I do sleep a lot)
    Oh, one more thing. About moisturizers. My skin hates most of them. After the cream absorbs (if it does at all) it “pumps out” like water and/or oil. Quite messy. Like I was sweating.
    And to top it all, I’d like even skintone too (no yellowy undertones around mouth, I know, it’s due to organ disorder).

    That’s all I can think of now! =D
    Thank you!

  12. Emily says

    I always thought when I got into my 20s that my skin would calm down. Im 26 now and its always really shiny in the T zone ( although my doctor says that means I’ll have less wrinkles when Im older?! lets hope so!) and dry around my nose. I feel like my pores on my cheeks have gotten giant, and nothing helps. I get breakouts along my jawline and basically no where else on my face. It drives me nuts. Plus, I have a real problem keeping my hands from picking at my skin…
    My goal for my skin would be to get my breakouts to stop and my pores to look ( I am aware they cant really ‘shrink’) to look smaller, in general, for my skin to look more polished!

  13. says

    I have odd skin that i cant quite work out if its oily or it seems to be all of these things at once.
    I have the classic oily tzone, but often get very flaky patches between my eyebrows and side of nose. My chin is oily. My cheeks although often feeling dry sometimes get spots and blackheads!.
    I cleanse every day, exfoliate every few days and moisturise with a gentle moisturiser usually for combination skin. i use a mask occasionally.
    i dont want to exfoliate every day as i know this can make skin worse..but sometimes i feel i need to as my makeup picks up any flaky skin.

  14. Wendy says

    I tend to get a lot of white heads around my nose area I have also become very dry in the t zone area, My skin is looking and feeling a little grey at the moment Im 34 and usually have quite a youthful look to my skin but at the moment my skin is looking old . beside the white heads I dont really get spots I do have some black heads on my chin and nose. I normally use Eve Lom Cleanser and love it but her moisturiser is not good for me so I want to be able to find a skin care routine to suit me.

  15. Grace says

    I’m in my early twenties and get spots regularly (time of the month!), so am left with some acne scars on my face. I also have large pores and blackheads. The frustrating thing is that I have tried so many products and am currently using some of the best products out there (dermalogica, MD formulations). I also tend to get oily skin as the day goes on. I also have constant dark circles under the eyes, even when im not tired! I would love to have pure clear skin, no blemishes, but just a pure canvas of smooth skin! I think the spots are my main concern really.

  16. diskogal says

    I used to love my skin, even though it’s always been quite thin (almost translucent at areas!) and sensitive, with quite obvious pores on my nose, I’d never had problems with breakouts and pimples….until now :(
    I don’t know if it’s caused by stress, bad nuitrition, the skincare products I use or touching my face too much (I tend to do that when I’m studying for long hours) but for the last couple of months I’ve been having pretty bad breakouts…and I want them to go away! Aaarghh….I can handle the pores, but the spots are killing me!!

  17. says

    I can’t say I have terrible skin but I’d be happier with improvements. I’m not what some might call a “crater face” but I have odd bumps here & there. Around my nose, it’s really red & no amount of concealer or foundation can cover it. My cheeks are fairly sensitive. Washing my face can cause them to red up for hours. Just washing my face!! I’ve tried solutions for sensitive but I think it’s how warm my water is. Still, I’m easily irritated regardless. I don’t have big black heads but you can definitely see the pores on my nose. A little under my lip & further up my chin, I have these white bumps that I don’t think I’ve seen on any of my friends before. They’re permanent too, they don’t go away no matter what treatment I do. Even though I’m 18, I’m finding fine lines & wrinkles near my eyes & mouth. I use a rich night cream too so my skin is dehydrated but the lines are still there. Visible but not dramatically. I really want to see a dermatologist but my mom finds it excessive. She could be right, that I’m thinking too much & over treating my face but… I’m 18! I shouldn’t have so many problems. I hate buying facial products from beauty sales counters too because I swear, those women know nothing about skincare! They may dabble but I want a full analysis not a second guess. Is it too much to ask for “healthier” skin without having to eat all the healthy foods & no junk!?

  18. says

    I would love to have a more even skin tone. My skin is quite dull in places and this time of year I suffer with a lot of dryness around my mouth, nose and forehead. I’m starting to notice the onset of fine lines around my eyes and haven’t given enough thought to what I should do to minimise these. I have a few stubborn blackheads on my chin and some larger pores on my cheeks that I would like to minimise.

  19. Heather says

    I have combination and sensitive skin. After washing my face, if I don’t moisturize immediately, it gets so dry that it starts to hurt. I also have very bad eye bags and dark circles. I’ve been using the Philosophy Purity Foaming Cleanser followed by the Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Sorbet Creme. It’s a light texture and doesn’t overmoisturize. I have a ton of freckles on my face. I just feel as though my skin tone is uneven, by bags and dark circles are getting worse, and that I need another step to help rejuvenate my skin. I want to be able to somehow lessen the eye bags, lighten my dark circles, and remove the bumps I seem to collect on my jaw line and cheeks. They aren’t major zits, but small bumps.

    My email is: joydreamer AT gmail DOT com

  20. Winnie says

    Not sure if this is limited to readers in the UK and if it’s too late to join… but I’ll try anyway. =)

    I’m 21 years old, but I can feel my skin is not as young and elastic as it was before, so it’d be nice to slow down skin aging… especially since I’m starting to see fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I also dislike my dark undereye circles and puffy eyes. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and normal to dry cheeks. I have problems with dull skin, blackheads on my nose and chin, and whiteheads on and around my nose, and also the sides of my face near the jawline. I’d also like to reduce the visibility of the larger pores I have on my cheeks near my nose. I get occasional breakouts generally around the t-zone that seem to occur with stress and lack of sleep. I’ve got a few discoloured spots from past acne that I wish would fade faster, and I’ve had extremely annoying freckles on my face since I was very, very young, which increase and darken with sun exposure.
    I want most to slow down skin aging, straighten out my oily/dry skin, and clear up my blackheads and whiteheads.

    My email is wha13 [at] sfu [dot] ca

  21. says

    I think I have pretty decent skin for my age– no wrinkles, no uneven skin tone… but at 19, I’m hoping that I could break out less, especially since I tend to have breakouts along my forehead, bellow my lip, on my upper lip, and between my brows– they’re like beacons! Thanks to my primer(s), pore strips, and exfoliators, I no longer have massive blackheads but I’d loe love love to reduce sebum production on my face. I tend to want to touch my face when it’s oily.

  22. tracey says

    touchwood at 37 i dont have any skin probs only when i wear make up but only on very rare occasions do i wear it then i mosterise and steam my face