Models Own Gold Rush Nail Polish – The Most Expensive Nail Polish in the World

So Models Own have created the worlds most expensive nail polish called Gold Rush costing £83,000. The polish is of course, gold. The lid…

…sparkles as if it contains tiny diamonds, yet is absolutely smooth to the touch. The exquisite gold lid is hand-crafted from a solid ingot of yellow gold, and weighs nearly 4 ounces. A total of 1,118 diamonds have been precisely inset weighing over 14 carats of ‘collection’ VVS quality and colours D, E and F.

Oh yes, of course it’s the lid that adds value, not the polish itself. Technically I could stick an 8 carat diamond in my poo and it would be a £100,000 poo.


Now if you want the polish itself with no fancy lid it is just £5 (from the models own site from mid December or Boots from the 23rd Feb 2011).

It does seem ironic that a cheap high street brand should have such bling associated to it. But then again I guess it’s more of a WAG make over than a Grace Kelly one.

Now be honest. If you had won £120 million on Euromillions would you be tempted by this? Is it collectable? A possible future heirloom?

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  1. says

    No, I would not be tempted to get it. If I want to brag that I have a pooload of money, I would buy actual jewelry. Or even better, donate it.
    Spending £83,000 on a £5 polish is just….retarded.

    • Row says

      Hi Misha

      YES – even if you were a billionare there would be better places to spend £83k. Like starving children. Especially when the polish itself is such a cheap brand!

  2. emilyjane says

    When I thought that said 83.00 I was thinking no, but someone (someone with no sense) might….Now I see it’s 83,000…retarded doesn’t even come close. A bottle of cheap nail polish for the price of a luxury car…in fact the more I think about this, it’s got to be a joke…

  3. says

    Do they know what I could get with that money???!!! Lol that’s my response to everything that is massively overpriced. I wouldn’t spend that much on a dress/handbag/shoes (even if I had the money, I would probably stay my stingy self), never mind a nail polish! Anyone who does get that is off their rocker. definitley