Miracle Hair Product! Pantene Pro V Colour Protect Colour Seal Concentrate Review

I first caught wind of the Pantene Colour Seal Concentrate product at this evening event, where the Dr Frauke Neuser showed us how by using this concentrate on the hair for just 2 minutes made it ‘waterproof’ so to speak by forming a protective seal over the hair.

Dyed hair sunk in water, hair treated with this stuff, did not.

FINALLY! The product has been launched:


They say:

The NEW Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect Colour Seal Concentrate. Like first aid for coloured hair, it uses a patented technology to create a thin, veil-like layer along the hair fibre, mimicking the hair’s natural f-layer which is lost in the colouring process. As well as delivering great shine plus healthy looking and feeling hair, used weekly it locks in colour for up to 8 weeks and can help undo the signs of winter damage.

This is not a conditioner – this is a treatment you use after shampoo and conditioner. Apply for 2 minutes and rinse. It’s a once a week treatment….
…which is a good job cos it doesn’t feel like you get much. Then again I used a medium sized spodge thinking it wouldn’t be enough for my frizz bomb of a mop and it was. This stuff just glides in…


This stuff smells like most Pantene shampoo products, quite clean and fresh.

Now my hair, since I’ve been colouring it over and over again tends to give up hair dye quite quickly, especially if I dye it a dark brown, and I get really frizzy, difficult to style hair. If I forget to put a product in it after washing (I tend to air dry my hair) then uh-huh – it is not a pretty sight.

This stuff from Pantene is – A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Remember it’s not a conditioner but I applied this after my conditioner (I won’t say which but it didn’t do a great job) – I applied the colour seal concentrate and I could finally run a comb through my hair. Rinsed out, it felt very very smooth, and now that it has hair dried my hair is 90% less frizzy, it feels very soft without begin weighed down and glossy.

It’s here to seal in the colour primarily, not do the above but it does do all of it anyway.


I can really tell the difference on my frizz bomb of a hair – don’t know how well it will fair on someone with already smooth hair. I don’t think it’s a product that will weigh hair down though.

Verdict: Must try if you dye your hair, or just generally have super frizzy hair!

Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect Colour Seal Concentrate, RRP. £3.99 (58ml) from supermarkets and pharmacists nationwide.

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  1. says

    This sounds amaze – I’ll have to try it! I love to air dry my hair but it turns into a fluffy cloud so this might help… I also just got it coloured so it would be great to see if this helps it stay in or not!

  2. says

    Oooh how interesting! Someone else makes a color gloss…can’t remember who, though.

    Silly question though, it says ‘up to 8 weeks. So do you apply it once a week for 8 weeks or does it depend on the condition of your hair (like if you’re hair isn’t that bad, you only need to do it once every 3 weeks or 2 weeks?)

    My hair’s super bleached and dyed. I really want to try this! I hope it launches over here.

    • Row says

      Hi Aseya

      Possible Clairol!

      Hmm I imagine you can use it as regularly as necessary so if your hair is ok just use it once every 2 weeks?

  3. JenT says

    I would buy this just for its ability to tame the frizz! To run my fingers through my hair without coming across knots and tangles sounds good lol And is it Clairol that do a colour gloss as well?

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      YES you must try this it’s WONDEFUL. I haven’t tried Clairol I know a few companies have similar tho

  4. Jen says

    This is on my shopping list now on your recommendation :) I’ve not been able to find it in any of the supermarkets I’ve been in though, so it’s gonna have to be Boots or Superdrug to get hold of this wonderstuff lol