Matchy, Matchy! Mary Quant Lipstick and Nail Polish matching sets! In P-07 Angel Cake

On my last trip down to London, I visited the Mary Quant shop where I spotted the matching lipstick and nail polishes!

Now – not every lipstick (there are about 36 shades) has a matching polish but a lot of them do.  That means you can get all matchy-matchy, if you want!

I won’t lie – I find this concept kinda fun!

I chose the lipstick first – the ones I had my eye on originally were far too nude in person so I went for P-07 (known as Angel Cake):

Mary Quant Lipstick and Nail Polish matching sets In P 07 Angel Cake

Here they are! They come in this silver, steel like packaging.

Off the top of my head, the polish was around £7 and the lipstick was dearer at around £16.

The packaging:Mary Quant Lipstick and Nail Polish matching sets In P 07 Angel Cake 1

I hate the packaging for the lipstick; what is that stupid lid? It looks unfinished, like it’s just a tester.

The texture of the lipstick is what I’d call firm.   The lipstick requires a bit of warming to get it soft. Once it is soft, it is a sheer to medium in terms of pigmentation.

The nail polish is in a simple bottle design. The polish is quite thin so you need 2 coats and a top coat to protet it!

Mary Quant Lipstick and Nail Polish matching sets In P 07 Angel Cake 2

Here is the matching combo!
What do you think?
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  1. says

    It looks gorgeous I bought a Mary Quant lipstick off ebay a while ago for very cheap, the formulation much have changed as mine was vile and the packaging was different. The lipstick looks gorgeous on you though Rowena, very jealous you can pull of nude colours much better than I can! x

    • Row says

      Hey Summer

      Mary Quant was around a lonnngggg time ago and I believe on eBay most of the sellers are selling the old stuff – so if you want it try to buy directly from their store this is the fresh stuff x

  2. says

    Your lips seem to only be looking younger? I’ve been browsing your super old posts. Can i ask if you’re secretley a mad scientist and have found something that you’re not sharing? =(

  3. Mariko says

    Wow I love the shade, it looks amazing on the nails AND lips. And you have amazing, smooth lips. :00!!

  4. Jen says

    That lipcolour is so pretty, the perfect nude pink! Agree about the lippy packaging though, it looks like it should be liquid eyeliner lol

  5. Rachel says

    The lipstick is great. Wish I had that brand here in the US. I also like the trend of matching lips and nails.