Majolica Majorca Pink Nail Polish Haul: PK411, PK217, PK412 and WT909

Majolica Majorca have a cute collection of nail polishes that are very affordable , although the bottles are quite dinky in comparison to some Western brands.

They Speedy & Glossy range were on sale recently, so I picked up 4 new colours from Pinks…I am really into pink at the moment! Hot pinks and bright pinks!

Here they are:


I think I paid about £3-£4 each for these?

What I do like about them is that they are quite speedy to dry and easy to apply!If there is any fault I’d say they’re quite thick in texture.

PK411 is a bubblegum pink and my favourite:


PK217 is not my kinda shade at all, it’s a sheer pearly pink:


PK212 is a bright coral – I love this! It’s the perfect kind of shade for my skin tone:


WT909 is white – it’s not a flat whit even though it is quite opaque – it has a shot of pearl running through it. I wouldn’t wear this all over – white nails, ew – but I’d use it with another colour I guess:


All in all I am happy with this little haul and these are colours that I’d wear all year round!

Who makes your favourite cheap nail polish?

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  1. Jen says

    Cute colours! My favs are the bubblegum pink and the coral…not too keen on white nails, reminds me of when girls at high school used to Tippex their nails!

    I always turn to Barry M for a cheap treat for my nails, they have so much in terms of choice of bright colours! I also like Mavala cos the bottles are so dinky and I never finish nail polish anyways (who does?!)

  2. says

    Thanks for these swatches, especially PK411! I’ve been looking for a bubblegum pink polish for a while, and now I know exactly what to get! 😀