Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara & Bone Black Fiber Base

It must be catch up week at Cosmetic Candy (not had a chance to photograph new items arriving this week – I have been working on videos and general administration!) because I found these photos I had taken of Majolica Majorca’s latest mascara and lash base:


Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara and the Lash Bone Black Fiber Base.

Yep…Japanese make up have interesting names.

Majolica Majorca belongs to Shiseido, and it one of the very first Japanese make up brands that stole me heart. To be honest – I have never liked their mascaras, and I don’t go for all their releases but I still hope they never ever discontinue this brand.


The exchange rate for the £ is absolute pants, so I paid about £11 each for these two products. I have this thing where I just have to have matching make up you see…for example this week I purchased Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation, so I HAD to get the matching powder and the bronzer too.

I have a Laura Mercier Powder and Primer so of *course* I had to go and buy the tinted moisturizer. Yes, I am just justifying to to myself quietly in the corner. Laa laaa laaaaaa.


Lets start with the lash base.

This kind of primer has lots of tiny little black fibers that create length and volume. I have to say I did ok with this one and also Tiffa’s but other fibery mascaras like Fiberwig* make my eyes stream with tears! So be wary sensitive eyed ones!

*Check out the fiberwig review, from agesss ago!


Exuse this photo, my eye was a bit sore – but you can see what the primer is like. The base is a gel type thing, and it looks whitish until you put the mascara on top.


Now the mascara – this has an unusual brush which has two ends, on side for combing through, the other adds lift and more definition. The brush is also flat – interesting!

Like I said earlier, I am not a hardcore fan of Majolica Majorca mascaras – they either make my lashes flop or they have a strange sort of vinyl feel to them. I presume this is the “lash enamel” effect but its quite weird – makes your lashes glossy, sort of plastic looking and a bit stiff.


Majolica’s mascaras are also a pain to remove – I mean a real pain so that’s never fun.

Here is the mascara from the side. I found the side with the wider teeth easier to apply, the other side was a challenge – you really need a mascara guard (or just a piece of card) to protect your eyelids when you use this brush.


The result, one coat:


Hmmm. I can’t decide if I like this mascara and primer or not, so let me break it down:


– It adds length easily
– No real allergies
– Holds curl ok


– Its quite expensive really for a drugstore mascara
– It leaves that weird vinyl finish
– Its very easy to clump, especially when using the base and mascara together
– The brush requires practise

So I guess the cons outweigh the pros?

Overall I don’t mind this combo but its neither my favourite mascara OR my favourite base. Its a bit like a cheese pizza…I’ll eat it but don’t expect me to ask for seconds.*

*analogy copyrighted

I bought this from (naturally).

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  1. says

    hiya. I thought you have a lash extension… can you wear mascara and base on top of your extensions?

    • Row says

      Hi Eve

      They lash extensions have fallen out now!

      You can wear mascara on top of extensions but god, don’t use the MJ one because is bonds like glue. it will take your extensions off, no problem!

  2. Ally says

    why cant i find this on adambeauty? :( lol is it just me or is that site incredibly hard to navigate?!

    great review! im wanting to try out the lash expander mascara by this brand as musingsofamuse loves it so much! lool, easily influenced!