Little Beauty Temptations at the Till!

Has anyone noticed that more and more fashion stores are sticking little bits and bobs near the til area to tempt us? Top Shop, Forever 21, H&M etc all seem to do it.  I guess it makes sense, a bit like having the gum and chocolates by the till at the supermarket!

I rarely shop in H&M – I just don’t find the quality very good, but they do some good little sales and homeware items. When I was last in there I was tempted to pick a few bit of these little temptations for the grand sum of £3.

H M Make up

I picked up a glittery nail polish, a glittery pink lip gloss – just because I love the lid, and a clear mini make up bag as I though I could transfer some of my antibacterial baby wipes into it to carry around (those packs are too thick to carry around in my handbag usually!).

After I got home with these, I kinda thought…why?! Yes it’s cheap and cheerful, but is it any use?  Doesn’t it just clutter up the place?

The nail polish is quite nice – the packaging is fine, and the glitter is very fine and actually, it lasted well on my nails.

The lip gloss is very generic, nothing special but nice for a teen who is starting to wear make up.

The little bag is very flimsy – it’s ok for wipes though as it seems to keep the air out (thus not drying out the wipe) but it creases easily – it’s one of those plastic bags that has tons of little folds in it every time it’s crumpled!


The polish:


I guess this kind of stuff is just a little perk-me-up especially when shopping on a budget. Primark is the worst as there are so many little temptations on the way to paying!

Do you ever randomly add on purchases on your way to the tills?

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