Lips of the Day: MAC To The Beach Lip Pencil in Temperature Rising

I bought about 7 items from the MAC To The Beach collection because it looks so damn cute – overall I am disappointed with most of it – the cream bronzer, the lip stick (beach bound – doesn’t look like ANYTHING on me) etc. I do like the eye kohls and the lip gloss.

This lipliner from the collection is called Temperature Rising. God knows why, but I thought it would be a chubby lip liner, perhaps with a slightly glossy edge:


Its actually just a pretty average textured bright orange lip liner. Pencilled all over my lips, it looks like a very bright, vivid orange. With some gloss on top I think this could work – otherwise, its just too dry:


Its ok – I can live without it though – its not quite the juicy coral I thought it would be.

Did you like the To The Beach collection?

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  1. says

    i like it Row, it’s a pretty orange! I did not get too much excited with the pencils. The package are so cute! I’ve ordered the lady day lipstick and hipness blush. I was dreaming with the highlight powder, but got over it when i saw the golden powder goes away on firts use :( too bad cause it’s so beautiful!!

    • Row says

      Hi Jessica

      I agree with you, the collection was a bit rubbish I am disappointed with the lipstick i got and the cream bronzer also! I hate it when they put an overspray on something I do !