Lips of the Day: Hourglass Cosmetics Lip Gloss Extreme Sheen in Siren

Zuneta kindly sent a few bloggers a little Christmas present, and I received a red lipgloss, or should I say an ‘Extreme Sheen’ is a festive red, called Siren. Here it is on a model:

Hourglass Cosmetics.jpg

The extreme sheen is a water resistant lip gloss that is long lasting. This particular colour is madly, madly pigmented. This makes it a very beautiful and unique lip gloss to own. The downside is, you ain’t applying this colour on the bus any time soon, or infact anywhere that doesn’t have a steady table and a supply of kleenex.

hourglass lip gloss.jpg

One coat:

hourglass lip gloss-1.jpg

It is very unique, I don’t have another lip colour like it, and as you know, I own lot of make up.

Buy it here or view the range (retails at £21) here.

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  1. says

    wow, such a pretty color! and the formula is long-lasting; it sounds perfect. It seems metallic on your lips but not over the top; looks gorgeous on you!

  2. says

    That is the most vivid and unreal lip colour I have ever seen or knew existed. It’s almost like it came straight out of a cartoon, its so bright and red. It seems to pale your skin out.