Lips of the Day: Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge Sweet Cherry 03 Lipstick

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge is one of the newer lipsticks released by the brand and immediately caught my eye because of the ‘creamy’ element!  It’s not that often Japanese brands produce really rich, pigmented lipsticks – the majority are sheer and shiny (in a very pretty way!).

There are only 3 colours in the range:Creamy Touch Rouge Products canmake com

I have 1 shade (2 more in the post) 03 Sweet Cherry which is a red:

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge Sweet Cherry

The other 2 shades are 01 Marshmallow Pink and 02 Misty Orange.

The supposed result is: Semi-Matte lips, no pearl or lame particles but with no dryness.  It looks creamy and soft, and it has great coverage which should look the same as in the tube.  It contains collagen, avocado oil, raspberry extract and hyaluronic aid.

In the barrel:

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge Sweet Cherry 03 Lipstick

This is a bright orange based red shade which I really like – although I am growing to really like blue based reds too they are usually too severe for my liking.  This orangey bright red is really fresh and non intimidating.

Swatched on my olive skintone it looks almost coralish.  When I wore this on holiday there was no doubting that it is a bright red, that it is noticeable and striking, totally fresh for the day time.  One layer left a pretty red and 2 coats would be too bold for me.


Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge Sweet Cherry 03 Lipstick 1

The texture is fab; it’s very creamy and hydrating even in the super cold weather and fills in cracks.

I had lip balm on under this so it looks sheer, and has a strong orange tone to it.  Applied ‘neat’ it is redder I promise :

Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge Sweet Cherry 03 Lipstick 2

Love the texture of this so much I bought the other 2 shades.  It’s not as creamy as YSL Rouge Volupte, but it’s easier to work with, like a soft tinted balm but with lots of colour.  I hope they bring out more colours in this formula!
I paid about £8 for this on eBay.
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