Lip Gritter Top Coat?! Candy Doll Gelato Glitter Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

I love glittery lip gloss; I really do. I do love the MAC dazzleglass lipglosses, for full on disco.

I have yet to find a glittery lip gloss that can surpass Dior’s Limited Edition sparkle top coat though (Image here). It was super duper gritty though!

Enter Candydoll’s top coat offering; this lip gloss is a called Gelato ‘Gritter’ (really) but they actually mean, Glitter….

Candy doll Gelato Glitter 1

Gelato Glitter is a sheer light pink with multi coloured sparkles. It goes lipstick, tinted lip gloss then the top coat, if you can be bothered.

There’s nothing that interesting about the tube and it comes with a brush applicator.

Candy Doll Lip Gloss Gelato Glitter

The texture is more thick than runny, and it’s not too gloopy. I’d say it is thicker than a MAC Dazzleglass, and less tacky.

Candy Doll Gelato Glitter Lip Gloss 1

The colour is very very sheer indeed; do not buy this for colour because there isn’t any.  It has medium and small sized glitter and the larger pieces are multi coloured.

On the lips:

Candy Doll Gelato Glitter Lip Gloss

It’s quite good fun and by normal standards it is quite sparkly but lacks the depth that a Dazzleglass has.  It’s not enough – POW. If you are going to make a glitter top coat then you might as well go all out, no?  This limps in with some medium sized glitter that is not that thrilling.

Verdict: It’s ok, nothing to rush out and buy.

I bought this from eBay.

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