Last Minute Christmas – Beautiful Becca Bargain Palettes!

I hate to be an enabler, especially when you should be spending your pennies of Paxo stuffing and red cabbage, but I had to share this fabulous offer with you!

I am totally in love with Becca at the moment (just got the Fallen Angel palettes in the post!). Well Becca Cosmetics is offering a discount on two of their palettes as a pre-xmas treat!

Use the code: XMAS28 to get these palettes for £28 each* (normal price £55) valid only up until Christmas. Free shipping for orders over £35.

I MUST have the Bombora. I have wanted this forever:


The Bombora Palette contains:

• Lip Gloss: Mai Tai (sheer peach nude)
• Lip & Cheek Crème: Bougainvillea (peach/pink)
• Highlighting Crème: Mazu (sheer gold)
• Compact Eyeliner (with shimmer): Raffia (turquoise)
• Compact Eyeliner (with shimmer): Sunburst (glistening yellow/gold)
• Dual Ended professional brush

Also on offer:

The Showgirl Palette contains:

* Lip & Cheek Crème – Hollyhock (berry)
* Nude Lip Gloss – Parisette (soft pink)
* Eye Colour Wash – Tulle (misty lilac)
* Eye Colour Wash – Charmeuse (mushroom beige)
* Compact Eyeliner – Emmanuelle (dark brown)
* Dual ended brush – eyeliner/eye shadow brush combination

* OK the NEWSLETTER said the palettes are £28 – this is NOT including VAT. See my total:


Bit naughty of you Becca, to not include the VAT! For that reason I only bought one palette.

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