Kiss Looks So Natural Fake Lashes Review

Considering I am such a make up junkie there is something I am still pretty terrible at; fake lash application.  I keep trying and they keep coming off and hanging making me look like a stripper after 15 hour shift. 

The key is perhaps for my Asian eye shape (a flatter eye in general and fine lashes) is super lightweight lashes.  There’s an Asian brand of lashes called ‘Princess’ from Taiwan which are very popular as they are super soft with a light band but they’re tricky to get hold of and eBay holds lots of fake versions of the lashes.  

So…I was tentatively excited when I saw these KISS Looks So Natural Lashes:

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes Review

These lashes are a natural look lash, with a tapered end so they flutter.  They are light and comfortable etc. etc you get the idea.  there are 4 styles so far to choose from and I have Iconic, which is one of the more fuller ones – there is one more which is denser and two more which are even more natural than these. 

Now I decided to face my fake lash fears and apply these one day after doing my make up.  Usually if I screw up the application it comes off and all my eye make up too but this time I took my time with the application and it actually worked ok! I used the glue provided in the back which is quite a runny but efficient glue which didn’t sting my eyes. 

Close up – I could see right away these are lightweight lashes and the band is very pliable:

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes Review 1

I managed to get semi decent application out of these as the band is so fine I found it quite easy to wiggle about after placement!  Woo hoo! I probably needed more glue at the inner corner but I didn’t want to mess too much with it after getting an ok result. Also it stayed on all day, no problems. 

What I really like about these lashes is that they do look very fluttery I think because of the natural taper in the lash. 


Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes Review 2

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes Review 3

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes Review 4

I am really happy with these lashes!  They are definitely my favourite high street lashes so far – they are super comfortable and I recommend them to my fellow Asian friends who maybe struggle with falsies that just look too heavy and unnatural.

I managed to remove them without much fuss or damage and saved them. I think I can get at least 2 more wears out of them which makes them decent value. 

They cost £4.49 per pack from Boots.

*PR Sample
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