Jill Stuart LE Fruit Lip Balms

Jill Stuart released an LE range of Fruity Lipbalms

They say:

? Bursting with fruit extracts for effective hydration, Jill Stuart fruit lip balm eliminates dryness and dullness for a long-lasting, soft and beautiful finish.
? Available in strawberry, peach, orange, and grape, the translucent tint of fruity colors gives your lips a fresh and glossy look.
? The limited edition designs have shiny rhinestones that match the color of each fruit, and are the perfect size for your make-up bag.
? Fresh, fruity, floral fragrance.
? Apply an appropriate amount of this product to your lips with the tip of your finger.


Fruit ingredients in the Lip Balms:


It’s a super cute product of course. Each tint has its own gem on the top – very cute!


Each one has a slight tint – I have to say, I dunno why I bought these since I hate any product you have to stick your finger into.










They are harder texture then I thought they would be but they are very lovely, they smell great and have a sheer, soft tint. I wish they were a bit more brave with the flavours though. I would love these flavour lipbalms:

Starfruit – a glossy spongebob yellow

Mangosteen – clear white and purple swirled together

Lychee – a red coloured close with a white core

Durian – a sparkly green, great way to stop people kissing you

Bring it on! What flavour balms would you like?

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  1. says

    Great haulage! 😀 Grape looks lovely.
    My favourite lip balm is and will always be, Tiffa Lip Treatment wich smells like peaches. :) I would love to have a coffee flavor lipbalm, though. That would be cool!

  2. Row says

    Hey Eru! I have the tiffa too, its gorgeous and cheap! Mmm I’d love a latte flavoured lipbalm but a genuine smell not an artificial coffee scent