Japan Haul – Kiss, Esprique Etc.

I thought I’d quickly show off my latest hauls from Nippon –

Kiss Veil Pact Powder – I hate powders but I can’t deny that my face is turning into slime in the summer and this compact is supposed to reduce redness and moisturise. This is shade 03 –

Mmmmm this is my favourite thing, EVER. Esprique Precious gel eyeliners, in pink and blue. These are both limited edition for summer – these colours are vivid and absolutely gorgeous!!! Gorgeous!!! Espriques gel liners are my favourite – they have texture like buttah – better than any other I own:

These are the new glossy eyeshadows. They are creams that dry quickly – I chose the pink and cool brown duo (there is also a warm brown and a blue and a lilac).


Smudged in:

These are AMAZING – when they dry they do completely give the wet look – they shimmer and gleam and do not crease. So gorgeous, I want all the other colours!

I bought one Fasio gloss in beige to try out. Its only medium shimmery, but the pigment is lovely:

I have never tried kiss lipsticks before but I am fond of these. They feel like glazes – I noticed the newer ones are too sheer, so I chose old colours – Earl Gray a nude brown and a Tulip Kiss, a warm pinky gold.

I am a sucker for spring greens so got the Kiss polish in pastiche. I have some kind of disorder where I can’t own only one of something so I chose Apricot to go with it, a very glitter peach:

In other news I am madly in love with my EEE 900. It is a tiny 9 inch (yes boys, a tiny 9 inches) – although I hate Windows XP so much. I am a MAC girl! –

25 packs of gem stones arrived for me – what are they for you ask?..you wil have to wait and see!:

I picked up this mirror in a cheap jewellery store. It reminds me of the Anna Sui rose and teal is my favourite colour:

Oh yeah I also got SANA pore putty. I’ve heard good things about this as an eyeshadow base and as a concealer, but, it does only come in one shade so I will have to see if it works on my tanning skin!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Your blog is brilliant, but also where did you get your Asus, I’ve heard about these and really want one but I’m finding that model quite hard to find. Thanks, Li ~

  2. Row says

    I bought mine from Toys R Us. Stocks are really limited over the uk for the EEE 900.

    What I did was bookmark http://www.eee-900.co.uk

    What they do, is update constantly and they will tell you once one comes in stock online. You have to be quick cos as soon as they say a black 900 is in stock at say, Micro Direct, it will disappear within a few hours.