Its Finished! Creme de la Mer The Treatment Crème Foundation

I rarely finish things. I rotate stuff a lot, but hurrah! Something has been finished at the House of Candy!


La Mer Creamy Foundation .jpg

Its my Creme de la Mer The Treatment Crème Foundation in Neutral, which I bought on a whim for some crazy price like £65.

I loved using this foundation. The finish was lovely, and it looked great on camera. Will I be repurchasing? Yes…but not right now. Its pretty expensive and I have tons of other foundations to use up first.

creme de la mer The Treatment Creme Foundation SPF 15 .jpg

It feels good baby!

Tell me – whats the last make up item you finished

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  1. Ha ha…… I know how you feel. I have not yet tried this foundation but I am sure it is wonderful foundation to use.

    I am after the shisedo new stick foundation now.

    Iam wondering, there is no follow button to follow your blog?


  2. How is the coverage and staying power for this foundation? Thanks

  3. Congrats on finishing! I wonder if I’ll ever finish my Besame cream foundation or if I’ll throw it out first.

  4. I finish my concealer light speed, mainly cause my sister, who steals my make up.

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