Isn’t she lovely?

Yeah Michelle Obama looked like an angel at the Ball..

Barack Obama inauguration_ Michelle Obama_s outfits in pictures - Telegraph.jpg

Did you like? It does look like a wedding dress but what a beautiful dress. A tiny bit shapeless at the waist but I still think she looks like an angel. I like the fact she didn’t slut it up even though should could have done. She did it demure and angelic instead.


Jill Biden:

Who Knew? - bidendress4.jpg | Dlisted.jpg

The dress itself is beautiful I think but its a tad too HAWT for the vice president’s missus. Did she have to do strapless? Did it have to be fire engine red. Tut.

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  1. says

    I’m not even going to start on what Michelle was wearing…
    At least it wasn’t strapless.

    Strapless dresses have been done unto death, and rarely do they flatter the wearer. When will women learn?!? Jill Biden’s body is a bit masculine and boxy; that dress makes her look hard and old (and flat as a board).

    • Row says

      Michelle looked like an angel. AN ANGEL I TELL YOU.

      Yeah Jills got no tittays and you tittays for that to work though not chichis. Just tittays.

  2. says

    I think my previous comment got eaten. Anywho…

    No comment on Michelle. I promised Barry I’d try to keep the peace, this year.

    As for Jill: does she not realize you need breasts and a waist to pull off a strapless dress?!? When will women learn: unless you are perfectly proportioned, you will NOT look good in a strapless gown! Poor Jill looks like a drag queen in that garish red number.

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      I found your chewed up comment. Dont get me started on strapless gowns I am begging you that is a whole other rant.