…my 5 little friends who will pop up now and again on this blog.

Unfortunately, they aren’t all ours to keep…

…which is probably good news as they sure are eating a lot. Here they are:

I know CJ7 is a strange name for a kitten. There is a reason though – the night before we got kitty, we had watched a Stephen Chow film about a little boy who befriends a toy/alien – called CJ7.

The boyf noticed how this kitten looked like the little boy (who is actually a girl in real life). See?

It’s 2.30am in the UK and I need some kip, but first, Batman Returns…ahh Christian Bale. I can’t wait for The Dark Knight – one of my favourite comic books, ever.

If you live somewhere in the world that doesn’t get things later than everyone else *hmph* then let me know what you think of The Dark Knight!

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  1. says

    About the Dark Knight: my sibs went to see and said it was absolutely amazing. This is clearly a return to form for Christopher Nolan, who made a big impression on me with Memento.

  2. Row says

    Same here Mandy! That film amazed me – loved it – and I am a film snob. I also love The Prestige too. I am actually EXCITED about a film. Its been a while since I’ve been excited to see something at the cinema *dreams of sweet popcorn*

  3. Helly says

    CJ7 (your kitty) is soooooooooooooooooooo cuteeee!!!!!! actually, they’re all cute, bt this ones a lil pumpkin. *huggless*

  4. Row says

    Hey Helly

    You got it right! CJ is the most loving of them all, she loves to be petted where as the others are more – on their own terms kind of thing. They have all developed little personalities!