I love American Apparel….in the UK

My first real experience with American Apparel has been a success. You know what mail order clothing is like – if its good, its great, when its bad returning things is not fun.

I love the simplicity and easy to wear-ness of the clothing. I’m not crazy for the high prices for very simple wear, but I do think the cut is better than say your average high street clothing company.

The clothes that really worked for me:

Black Pencil Skirt

So flattering and comfy. Bit steep at £25 for a plain bit of cotton but its very comfy.

Interlock Wrap Dress in Purple:

Stunning on the model – more tame in person. Its made of a thick cotton which makes it a nice winter dress. I bought a Large as I wanted it to wrap nicely round my baps without excessive clevage and its fits great! It is a dressy day dress in my opinion. £26.

I love this cardi! Everyone needs a simple grey cardigan to be dressed up or down. This is actually a Unisex cardi:

The model is extremely flat chested but the Medium works really really well on my and my chest. It also looks very cute on the boyfriend. If you don’t have big baps and are a average size UK12/US8, I recommend the small. The fabric is tri blend which feels light but doesn’t crease and looks good.

I like it!!! It ain’t cheap tho. Is anyone else a fan of American Apparel? I’ve visited a store in London and wasn’t impressed – maybe because of the plainess of the clothes, it needs to be put in context (ie. put on a gorgeous model).

I like, I like!!

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