Haul & Review: Tiffa Still Keep Graduation Eyeliners

Tiffa is one of those more non-descript Japanese brands that doesn’t have a full range of cosmetics as such – just more bits and bobs. Mascaras. Bath products. Eyeshadows. Liners. Some glosses.

And yet I have this soft spot of Tiffa because they have a brilliant Lip Balm (my cats nicked the lid and stuck their paw in mine – in the bin it went) and their old formula mascara and primer was wonderful. The new one, not so much.

Anyway, I gave the new stuff a chance:


There’s one ‘stay keep’ (ie. long lasting) black liner, and two gradation eyeliners in a black/silver and brown/sparkly chocolate variation.

The new packaging is rather cute!

Here are the items:

tiffa sill keep eyeliner.jpg

I bought all of these from Adambeauty as usual, for less than £10 each. At first glance the two graduation liners remind me of the Chanel cake liners , which also come in a brown and gold variation (their new 2009 Xmas collection also has a very dark green variation called Celadon).

tiffa stil keep eyeliner.jpg

The packaging shows you how each variation will look which is pretty cool and is a nice touch typical of Japanese products:The liner:

tiffa eyeliner.jpg

Packaging – I really really like!

tiffa eyeliner-1.jpg

Each compact comes with a dual ended sponge brush, which actually, is not too shabby. There is also a mirror inside.

tiffa graduation eyeliner.jpg

The brown variation. There is a gorgeous, subtle shimmer that rungs through BOTH of these palettes, but that is easy to miss in my shots. I assure you, its a beautiful gold shimmer in the brown and a silver shimmer in the black. Its gorgeous and its no just an overspray either:

tiffa gradation eyeliner.jpg

These two colour variations are both extremely wearable as you can imagine. I can’t read Japanese so I am not sure if these are supposed to be used dry or wet – its not a problem using them as a subtle shadow…

tiffa gradation eyeliner-1.jpg

But they REALLY come out when used wet. As a shadow its fine medium pigmented I used these with water and it really became very pigmented and held the subtle shimmer and sparkle.

It also lasted ALL DAY. No primer, just a bit of water and it was there all day, even though it was a long, long one.

tiffa graduation eyeliner-1-1.jpg

Here is the eyeliner – a matte, rich, pigmented black perfect for the waterline as its not too waxy:

tiffa eyeliner black.jpg


This range could have been quite nothingy, but its really really lovely. The colours are perfect for day to day or going out and use wet, the colours just look stunning and last all day. Its a fab alternative for those who don’t want to splurge on the Chanel Lame Duos.

You can see them here.

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  1. says

    wow, I am seriously amazed by the Tiffa swatches, because I normally consider Tiffa to be a bit average. I think I will add these to the wishlist

  2. tigerlovepepper says

    Nice! I never saw this brand before. Thank you for sharing pics and reviews of all these unusual products.

  3. sue says

    The packing is sooo lovely! I might pick up the black palette. Row, do you take request??? Can I request for a 2NE1 look (Sandara Park and Park Bom??) Their eye makeup look fab.