Haul: Japanese Make Up: Addiction, Elegance, Panasonic, Rimmel…

Naughty reader, Kuri did a little CP for me in Japan – I was so excited about this because this haul contains some products from Addiction (my first haul with that brand) and my dream lipstick.

My dream lipstick I have been lusting after for months!

The haul:


I got some Rimmel goodies, because they have palettes you can’t buy in the UK, Elegance Spice Shot Rouge lipstick and Curl Lash Fixer, the Le Mepris Addiction Palette and Teal Eyeliner, a tweezer thing from Bison (which is apparently for whiteheads!)

And this Panasonic lash curler which is pretty new out!


Let me know what you’d like to see reviewed!

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  1. Naz says

    Ooooh all of it! Lol.

    But I’d personally love it if you started with the Elegance and Addiction items. Don’t see many reviews on those ranges.

  2. says

    I’ll love to read more about the Lash Fixer, Panasonic lash curler, Le Mepris Addiction Palette, Eyeliner and tweezers if possible. Well that’s kinda all of it besides the rimmel palattes because the other items are more mysteriously packaged. LOL xD

  3. imoutofit says

    Oooh nice haul there, Row! I’d like to see a review on the Addiction stuff and the Panasonic lash curler please.

  4. Saltedswirl says

    It will be great if you’ll make the review about the Panasonic lash curlier!