Gross Beauty Find: Peeling Foot Competition

A few months ago, I bought and tried a popular foot treatment which takes away the hard skin of the feet.


The results were not pretty. Read my review to get the details, (maybe not if you are eating filo pastry) but basically – you get 2 plastic bags filled with some kind of acid that you put your trotters in to, you leave it for a while, then after a few days a layer of your skin comes off.

Whilst browsing the net I saw some gross (but not unfamiliar) pictures of the foot peel treatment. More searching and I found that these pictures belonged to a foot peeling competition.

Yes. A foot peeling competition. Whatever next? Compare our bogeys? Who got the most blackheads?

See the pics from the site after the jump! Ok I was going to post some of the pics but its just to gross for my pretty site, but check out this one for the “crumbling foot” award and this one for “Huge Impact” award.

For the record – I don’t recommend the treatment at all. It stung after a while and made my big toe a bit gammy – it took ages to heal up.

Also it makes your feet stink – like never before. I never had stinky feet before I used this treatment. It was summer time when I used it, so I had started wearing my new, very lovely gladiator sandals. They completely and utterly stunk afterwards – in the bin they went.

Be warned! Not quite the fresh feet you’d expect afterwards.

Check out all the “winners” here.

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  1. says

    I am NOT clicking the links but EWWWWWWWWW. Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit!
    I wouldn’t mind trying the foot peel though….

  2. sue says

    I didnt click on the link either lol
    My mom and sis went to a fish pond, dip their feet in, and let the fish nibble away the dead cells away instead. I think I’ll try that, plus there was no complain of stinky feet!