Gremlins in my cupboard

Girls, girls. We still have some gremlins on the site but they should be sorted in the next 24 hours.


Some comments are disappearing and I am struggling getting emails. We are fixing things as soon as possible. Bear with us, its a fun fun week on Cosmetic Candy!

(Any problems seeing the site? Let me know in the comments!)

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  1. Jo B says

    I tried to enter two giveawys and the comments just didnt show, I copied my answer and tried a couple of times on one Giveaway.

  2. says

    whenever I comment, after posting the comment the window remains empty…plain white! If I reload (not refresh, that doesn’T help) the page, usually my comment is there, but there was one time it never showed up. Beat, me I don’t know which post it was….maybe a Twilight giveaway? Anyway, that day I already entered once, and it counts only once, no big deal.