Frugal Friday: Making Kimchi and New Blog Announcement!

Time for another Frugal Friday, and today let’s talk about cooking!  It’s another past time which shouldn’t cost a fortune and is very rewarding.

Of course everyone has their own ‘thing’ – some people love to bake and some cook dinnertime masterpieces.  At the moment, my obsession is pickling!  Right now I have been pickling Kimchi!  Kimchi is basically a fermented spicy cabbage.  It’s disgusting on one level – like the first time i ate it RAW, it burnt my mouth and tasted like a dirty dishcloth.

Then I learned to cook with it – to make fried rice and tuna stew – and YUM YUM YUM!

Kimchi Home Made Cooking Korean Food

Thing is it’s quite expensive to buy the shop bought stuff. About £2.80 for a tub, and I usually use a whole tub just for one recipe. I made my own the other week and so far I haven’t even finished the 1st jar and i’ve cooked with it 3 times.  It cost me about £5 to make the two jars pictured above.

I used Dr. Ben Kim’s recipe (thanks to Kathi for the recommendation) which is easy to follow but you do need a blender (Mr C very unhelpfully melted my trusty little smoothie blender in the dishwasher – still not forgiven him).

I am so proud of my home made Kimchi! This must be what giving birth feels like but without the stitches:

Homemade Kimchi Pickles

Speaking of giving birth, I have birthed another blog, nary a week old but if you like Chinese food, then do pop over. I am taking requests and the blog is of course named after my dear Nana, hence the name Cooking Nana and you can follow it on Twitter here, to stay updated with when I upload new recipes.

So do you like to cook? What was the last masterpiece you made?

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  1. Jen says

    I love trying out food recipes, so will be making Cooking Nana a favourite on my bookmarks :)
    I can’t get enough of kimchi, first time I tried it was a Yeechan’s (korean cafe) and I loved how it gives a clean burn (unlike curry)! Never tried pickling it myself, so I’m gonna go Ikea and gets some of those jars and get pickling! I like having it on it’s own and with congee, are you going to post on how to cook with it too? 😀

    • Row says

      Hey Jen!

      Where is Yeechan? It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good I made up some fried rice and a tuna stew with kimchi it is brill, best thing I ever made!

  2. says

    OMG I love you Row!! That’s it I am trying this out this weekend and also following your food blog. Am trying to decide whether to do one as well. Great and look forward to comparing results! xx

    • Row says

      Hey Ken!

      Have you tried your Kimchi yet? I finally finished min, it made many many meals 😀

  3. Jen says

    Thanks Row for the link to the kimchi recipe…still working my way through my 2nd batch :) (1st batch went a bit wrong in taste, I used shop-bought chilli powder and it ended up tasting like chilli con carne!)

    Tried making kimchi fried rice too…flavours are so much more interesting than bog standard egg fried rice!

    Yeechan is no more, they relocated to city centre and it’s now called Baekdu. It’s on Shudehill, opposite the Crowne Plaza hotel. I love the food there cos it tastes homecooked and is very simple but wholesome. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea I guess as it’s a kinda “no frills” restaurant. The fact that a lot of Koreans eat there says it all for me :) You definitely should give it a try if you like Korean food 😀 I personally rate it over the other Korean restaurant in town that is way more expensive