Friday the 13th Giveaway! 5 x Fade Out White Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream To Win!

Ok it’s Friday the 13th…anything strange happen to you yet?

Never fear! A giveaway will make things better and today I have 5 Fade Out White Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Creams to giveaway.

Fade Out white 1

This eye cream helps to:

  1. Reduces Dark Shadows
  2. Targets Fine Lines And Wrinkles
  3. Lightens Skin And Minimises Puffiness

Wanna win?

Just leave me a comment below, telling me….

Cat dancing

Name something you are looking forward to this year, something that is happening soon and something that is happening later?

Me: Tons and tons and tons of stuff. I have decided to throw caution to the wind this year and I am just going to go for things that normally I hesitate and umm and ahh over.  Name something?  I want to go to a city that I have always wanted to visit at the end of the year and I am just going to book it without over thinking, and I want to do something interesting with my hair very soon!

Fade Out’s facebook page is here. Winners picked in 2 weeks.

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    I am waiting for (which is really soon!) for the stroppy 3 year old toddler (who thinks im here to serve her and her alone lol)to start pre – school, and later In the year looking forward to our family long weekend away! Thats if i havent been run into the ground by the husband demanding his tea and the ten year old keeping saying shes bored (aswell as the stroppy toddler on top!).

  2. JoC says

    The Olympics, The Football Euro’s and all the free nights out with my girlfriends whilst the other half watches them 😉

  3. Suzanne sendell says

    LOts happening for me,my son graduating from Uni,my sister getting married abroad and my niece expecting a baby
    Im going to be a great Aunt

  4. Tris says

    I am looking forward to finishing my Access college course in June and (fingers crossed I get a place!) starting university in September to qualify as a Social Worker.

  5. Jo Jones says

    I am looking forward to getting rid of my under eye shadows after an operation and enjoying a family holiday later in the year when I am feeling better.

  6. Julie-Marie Andrews says

    I am hopefully looking forward to becoming a Mum, after 3 failed IVFs I am hoping I will be lucky this year with my 4th attempt.

  7. Miss Natalie Wallace says

    I am looking forward to getting engaged sometime this year and also giving new things a try. Like visiting new places and getting some new hobbies.

  8. Maria Alford says

    ….This year I’m looking forward to seeing Snow Patrol in February (AMAZING!!!!) and to my sister in law’s wedding in May, when my daughter’s will be bridesmaids…I can’t wait!

  9. Pamela Gossage says

    I can hardly wait for my holiday ( We fly on 24th January) and my grandsons Christening in the Spring

  10. Claire says

    I am looking forward to going climbing tomorrow for the first time, and I am looking forward to seeing Swan Lake in March with my Mum.

  11. Cheryll H says

    All mine are milestones for my youngest – most looking forward to her first word :) Something happening later in the year will be her first step and something happening soon a first tooth. Definately soon judging by the pink cheeks, dribble and intermittant tears :/

  12. says

    Something I am looking forward to this year: Travelling to the US to see my boyfriend.
    Something that is happening soon: Going out for drinks with my graduation class! It’ll be good to see them as I haven’t really met up with them since last summer.
    Something that is happening later: This will be my last year as a postgraduate student, so I’m looking forward to begin working!

  13. Susie says

    I’m looking forward to the clocks going forward because then it will be light enough for me to go running after work (my route is too creepy on the dark nights!).

  14. says

    I look forward to a memorable and committed relationship with my boyfriend. I hope that he would spur me on…giving me the support that I need for my crucial exam this year…the ‘A’ LEVELS!!! :) Life is an adventure…

  15. katrina walsh says

    Im going to Fife for a weekend break in February, its my daughters 18th in APril so am having a big party to celebrate that and later on in the year its my sons Prom :)

  16. Cheryl M says

    Sonething I’m looking forward to soon is holding my first dinner party for years in my home. My dining room has been out of commission because of massive restoration work in my house – next week it gets used again, having been returned to its former glory, and I am very excited! My future excitement is ridding myself of the debt that I have as a result of a family member needing urgent medical treatment. I reckon it will be paid off by June – just in time for the summer sales!

  17. Helen Grayson says

    Something soon: I’m looking forward to finishing University!

    Something Later: My dad’s 60th BIrthday :)

  18. Heather Simpson says

    Looking forward to a get together with old friends on Saturday, we never got a chance to get together over Christmas and it’s been too long, so going out for a nice Indian meal then a bit of dancing. later in the year I can’t wait to take my kids on their first ever foreign holiday, off to Majorca at the start of July, they cant wait and have put in a huge effort to learn to swim for it!

  19. Anene Cee says

    Looking forward to finally being all moved into my flat. Looking forward to taking my boyfriend to a wrestling event on Saturday and then looking forward to my Barbados holiday later this year!

  20. Sheila Sloan says

    I am looking forward to my younger daughter’s wedding on July 21st. Also major extentions to the house so that my elder daughter can have half and live here when she is married.

  21. Kelly Smith says

    I’m looking forward to the birth of my neice in a few weeks, and then my girly holiday to San Diego later in the year.

  22. Katie Skeoch says

    I’ll be a bridesmain for my lovely friend Caz on the 17th March, which is not long at all!!! I’m looking forward to summer time which seems soooo far away at this time of year, oh…to walk about without a big jacket on :)

  23. Jeanette Downing says

    I am looking forward to getting a bit fitter this year and the hopefully getting pregnant x

  24. Luisa L says

    Im looking forward to a week away with my friend as her husband left her, and she needs cheering up.

  25. Tina Young says

    I have not much planned this year apart from my son having his first holy communion…im just going to enjoy time when we can all be together as a family!!!

  26. Dawn F says

    Soon, I am looking forward to trying the new BB creams that are coming onto the beauty market. I tried a sample and they seem revolutionary. Later on in the year, I am hoping to have a nice day out with my husband on the beach, a place we have been meaning to go to, but have never had the chance.

  27. Katie says

    I’m looking forward to next weekend! Next weekend we are re-homing a gorgeous dog and he’s coming to live with us in his forever home! How exciting! Two dogs – I might have a few bags under my eyes after mind! lol

  28. antony beswick says

    Selling our house and buying a narrowboat and then just cruising into the sunset of our lives.

  29. says

    On Saturday I am putting up my latest artwork – a shop sign made of 55000 coffee beans! Later in the year we’re hopefully going to California to see a good (American) friend get married! Woop!

  30. Kate says

    I’m looking forward to going on holiday somewhere exciting (still haven’t decided where though)! Something happening soon – I won a meal at Nando’s this Saturday which should be fun & delicious :) And later tonight I’ll be treating myself to a bagel with Nutella on, my favourite treat!

  31. Annemieke Troost says

    Im looking forward to the christening of my baby girl charly next month and my wedding in July :)

  32. Jane says

    I am looking forward to passing my qualifications in June, and something sooner – spring, that always cheers me up.

  33. Janet C says

    I’m looking forward to seeing Bruce Springsteen in concert in June. And seeing my sister in April

  34. Sarah Parker says

    I am looking forward to my husband coming home in 1 1/2 weeks and I am looking forward to me holiday to Belgium :)

  35. Andrea Smith says

    I’m looking forward to our family holiday in February to Disneyland, Paris. Later on this year I’m looking forward to seeing Steel Panther in London, they rock!!!

  36. Dee says

    The two main things I’m looking forward to this year are:
    Something happening soon – selling my house!
    Something happening later – going on holiday at long last (because I have some money from selling my house!)

  37. Rebecca Denyer says

    I am looking forward to my first grandchild due in March, I am also really excited about going with my daughter for her last scan in two weeks!!!
    At the end of the year my other daughter turns 13, im not so sure im looking forward to another teenager

  38. Shirley Harpley says

    I’m looking forward to my 50th birthday in March, Before then, I’m starting my new job, then later in the year my son will move into his first home with his girlfriend (dont know if I’m happy or sad about this).


    I am waiting for my best friends wedding, in march.
    She has put so so much effort into this, with 2 years of
    planning, then a suprised baby whilst arranging her
    wedding, I can’t wait to be there and see her on her so very
    very special day.