While the Cats away…Friday Competition, Name The Cosmetic Candy Cat!

The cat is away (that’s me!) in London for a few days. It was supposed to be a relaxing trip but me being me, I’ve managed to book up my days with events, appointments and shopping trips.

I also want to visit the Uniqlo Flagship Store for Paul & Joe t-shirts, Top Shop Flag Ship Store for Orelia Jewellery, Westfield Shopping Centre for Inglot, The Japan Centre for my fix of VOCE and MAQUIA, and I am using my Wahanda £2 voucher for a Pedicure at HQ Hair!

Busy Bee.

Anyway, I have a special competition for you ladies (and gents!).

I’d like someone to help me name the Cosmetic Candy Cat – this lady here who is the logo for the blog:

Cosmetic Candy.jpg

She is actually inspired by my real life cat who is the grumpiest cat in the WORLD. And here she is looking miserable:

yuki bear cat.jpg

Want to think of a name for me?

The winner, if there is one (I’m not naming her Catsy the Cat or Lopsy or Fido) will get a really 10 piece goody bag stuffed full of skincare, make up and nail polish. And sweets. Lots of sweets.

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  1. says

    Eris – Greek goddess of discord and chaos hehe. I would have named my cat this is she hadn’t already had a name when we got her. I suppose Taz (as in the tazmanian devil) equates to the same thing mind x

  2. says

    How about Gesso ?

    I chose this as a link between your favourite things, Cosmetics and Cats.

    Gesso as in the White MAC eyeshadow colour. x x

    Have a lovely weekend hun x x x

  3. Galen says

    Well, this is the Cosmetic *Candy* site, so how about Crystal, the Cosmetic Candy Cat?

    I’m also thinking that rhyming is good, so what about ‘Sandy from Cosmetic Candy’?

  4. tigerslovepepper says

    She got a lot of blush on her cheeks so, what about Fard (italian word for blush)?

  5. tigerslovepepper says

    Ehmm, maybe “fard” in English is just too close to another word… xD
    I’ll think of something better. 😀

  6. Emma Clarke says

    Desdemona – Since she’s a bit of a grouch, you could call her ‘Mona’ for short.

  7. Patricia Manlapaz says

    I was thinking Prissy. You did describe your real life cat as grump so I don’t know. I think it fits her personality :)

  8. says

    What about…

    Pippi, Naomi, Clementine, Cleo(patra), Dutchess, Moxie, Agatha (Agie for short), Adell,

    Characters from one of my favorites series:
    Polgara, Ce’Nedra, Poledra, Sadi, Layla, Porenn, Salmissra, Issa, Ariana, Adara, Nerina, Vella, Zubrette (she was a brat in the book), Cyradis.

    Lots of choices.. :)

  9. roisin says

    maybe blanche because that’s the feminine version of white in french, also cats with old lady names are adorable.

  10. says

    I’m submitting “Catastrophe” — and not just because I’m obsessed with taking plain ‘ol nouns and turning them into proper nouns. It’s punny (which is *so* much better than funny,) a little bit weird (just enough to make it uncommon,) and I mean, really… when you put a grumpy cat in a roomful of makeup, what do you get?

    A catastrophe!

  11. says

    I know Arielle wrote Mika,

    But I think Arielle is a gorgeous name,

    and doesn’t it make your whites whiter?

    Or is that Daz?

    anyway, i’m adding Arielle coz it’s beautiful.

  12. says

    What a cutie. Here are some names I thought of –
    Pinky/Pinkie for that wonderfully cute pink nose
    Verdi/Verde/Verdelina (my take on those green eyes of hers)
    Faith/Cloud/Lilly something having to do with her whiteish coat
    Dolce – sweet because your blog is cosmetic candy… Candy is sweet… Your cat looks like a sweetheart

  13. Jessica Curtis says

    How about Isis or Isyss? Cats were a symbol of life and Beauty in Egyptian Culture
    and Isis was a Supreme goddess! I Loved this name so much named my oldest child Isis:-) hope you find a name you really like! Lots of luck:-)

  14. Nina says

    Candy/food derived names: Gumdrop, Snowball, Twinkie, Sherbet.
    Or why not name it after your own cat, it’s Yuki right? :)

  15. LSJ92 says

    I would name her Daisy. She’s white, pretty and (I don’t know why) reminds me of Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy…

  16. tigerslovepepper says

    Galatina? This is the name of a white, milky, candy. Mmmm, I love Galatine, it’s been ages since I ate one of those yummy sweets.

  17. Stacie says

    I think she looks like a grumperina. I can’t take credit for creating the name there is woman with a knitting website who calls herself this but its pretty apt for stroppy pets!

  18. Elena says

    I think she needs something feminine and fun: CeCe, sounds like Sissi the Empress, and stands for Cosmetic Candy 😛 !

  19. Lucia says

    What about,
    Blizzard (you said she is grumpy), or
    Penelope (Penny for short if you think is too long), or
    Coco (she looks pretty demure to me), or
    Ingrid (like a serious german woman), or
    Katrina (the white Russian)
    First time I write in your blog, even though I follow you every day. Thanks for the fun readings and reviews!!!!

  20. says

    She looks like persian, what about naming her “noor jahan” . Or “Ara” it means opinionated in arabic or “Jumanah” means silver pearl in arabic or “BiBi” means lady in arabic

  21. says

    I love that kitty, she looks great in all types of makeup on your blog! What a cutie! :)
    I think that Charming is a cute name, and then her full title would be Charming Cat from Cosmetic Candy, as you can tell; alliteration wins.