Forever 21!

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Oh my god. So I have just discovered Forever 21. They ship internationally!

I need to know, what’s hot to buy from them? What to avoid? Nice stuff? Ok quality? TELL ME!

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  1. says

    Be careful ordering their jewelry and belts at all costs….some metal pieces may be okay but a lot of times they tend to look cheap and tacky in real life. I’ve made that mistake before and because accessories aren’t exchangeable I’m stuck with it.

    They have some nice feminine skirts though, and cute tees. Oh and super cheap leggings/tights if you’re into those :)

    • Row says

      Hey Blu

      Ok I’ll have a look. Ordering internationally there’s no way I could return items…hmmm I need to b cautious!

  2. lou says

    f21…well they have trendy stuff/glam stuff/ . The quality imho is not very high, the average piece is of H&M quality I think. Although sometimes I have happened to find very nice pieces at cheap prices; ex a gauze pink indian style skirt with full on embroidery in a beautiful pattern, looks really expensive, and purple satin sleeveless blouse that earns compliments every time. Also some of the jersey pieces are nicely made. Can not say the same for every piece…so it is mostly up to you to choose wisely. The pant’s fabric goes into fuzzballs really quick…
    so that! and the shoe’s are pretty crappy!

    • Row says

      Hey Lou

      Damn I had my eye on some shoes!! But theres no way for me to refund so….I have to be careful what I buy!

  3. Sandy says

    I shop here pretty often because I live in NYC. When I look online, I click that ‘zoom’ button all the time to kinda gauge the cloth quality. Otherwise, their products are decent. You get what you paid for.

    I love getting basic tees and layering those. I find that the Heritage collection is a tad better than the Forever21 things. Also, jeans are SUPER cheap. $12.50!!!