Foam Hair Dye: Hoyu Beautylabo Milkshake Japanese Hair Dye Review

My usual hair dye of choice is Prettia Foam Dye which is excellent and one of the best foam dyes I have ever used. I prefer foam dye, it’s much quicker, gentler and easier to use.

John Frieda and Clairol now also have foam dyes – it’ll be interesting to see how the Western market takes it. I will be testing this Clairol on my mother soon – seeing as she’s quite old school I’ll have to see if she finds it too fiddly for her liking.

Here I have a foam dye I’ve been dying to try for ages, Hoyu Beautylabo’s Milkshake Like Hair Dye!


I admit I was swayed by the milkshake packaging! This one is different from Prettia and the others that use a pump action to get the foam out. This one is mixed in the large container then you just take out as much as you need.

Here is what you get in the tub:#alttext#

– Sachet of colour powder
– The chemical thingy you mix with the powder
– Gloves (can I just say Japanese brands give you thick, protective gloves not the crappy ones that are stuck to the back of the instructions)
– Instructions!
– Conditioner

Put the solution in the tub (once it’s empty!) and add the sachet. I chose Chocolate Brown).


It sort of settles on the top – hope you have your hips ready and you’re ready to sh-sh-shake!




NOTE: Do not do this near photographic equipment in the sitting room near cats in your best PJ’s whilst sitting on a cream throw.

After a good shake you get quite a lot of foam:


Even so as my hair quite long I wondered if it would be enough. Foam dyes feel like they go a lot further but I’ve realised you have to make sure you’ve really worked it into each area otherwise it will look uneven.


In the end it was just about enough. Look out for the product settling at the bottom, you might have to put the lid back on and give it a shake:


I wanted to get the blonde bits out of my hair, this is before:




Sorry, billowy nutty hair on show!


I really like this product! I would say that the colour effect is not that strong – I felt it added depth to my hair and pushed it a few shades darker but it wasn’t overly dramatic (a good thing for me, not so good if you want a big colour change).

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve dyed and my hair is still darker although it is fading a little (not so good again).

On the plus side this is the most mild dye I’ve used on my hair for a long time no pain or stinging or anything 😀

I will try this again (I already have one in caramel brown for the summer!) although I think overall the results are better with Prettia.

I bought this from for £13.

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  1. birkie says

    wow, that looks fun and functional. You actually removed the blonde and have a lovely brown colour without it looking too dyed or artificial. I am going to check beautyeshop again for it…

  2. Andrea says

    Looks fine to me, I use a brand called bigen is a powder one and u mix it with water and has no amoniac on it