Etude House Miss Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit Review

Etude House Petit Darling polishes are pretty nice – they’re cute, affordable and are fairly easy to apply. They do chip easily are some swatches.

I couldn’t resist this sweet trio set which is part of the Miss Tangerine kit. You get three orange polishes which you can wear together:


I the set is a sheer peach, a glittery light orange and a brighter tangerine with fine gold glitter….The Petit Darling polishes I find quite easy to use although they can be on the thick side. Also once they are on they need a stellar topcoat otherwise they chip very quickly.


Swatches – this is quite a light photo, the shades are a tad stronger than this but not much more. So these oranges are highly wearable, they are all quite sheer and sparkly – nothing neon here:


On the back of the box is a guide – you apply the peach all over, the medium shade half way and the darkest shade at the top. It’s a graduated look, like what you can do with the Dnails graduation kit (which I still haven’t mastered!).


This is my extremely rubbish attempt at doing the graduated nail. I think that there should’ve been ONE bolder orange, either neon or just more opaque so that the effect is more obvious. This set is a little bit too samey for me:



A super cute set for those who want to paint their nails orange but in a wearable way.

I bought this from eBay and paid £9 for the set.

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  1. says

    Omg, i want these. These are exactly what i’ve been after! In orange and pink. where did you grab these?

  2. Lucy says

    Hurrr im stupid, missed the bit at the bottom! Lol
    Still, they look great! You didn’t do a bad job, it’s so cute!

  3. Inês says

    I used two coats of each color, it certainly helps building up a bolder final effect without ruining the gradation effect. I love this set <3 I really like gradations but I rarely can pull them off with the polishes I have, this little kit is almost a no-brainer for me for a very affordable price :)

  4. Jen says

    So pretty and a subtle way to wear orange nails! I love to do graduation nails, I’d probably mix it up with a bolder shade though

  5. Inês says

    Sorry for the double comment, but I wanted to ask you something that I only remembered now. Are you still buying things from Asia? I’m a bit worried about buying right now, because of the radiation problem on Japan, and I wonder if I’m the only one…

    Back on topic, I’m going to try doing the gradation with a yellow base now XD

    • Row says

      Hi Ines

      Ok I will try ith yellow! It will look very tropical!

      Yes I am still buying from Asia. Not from Japan but from HK it’s just a bit slow lately and fine from korea. x

  6. says

    wow I love those colours! they look awesome alone and together <33 thanks for the swatches and instructions :)