Etude House Miss Tangerine Collection: Sweet Shower Lips in Sunny Tangerine & Tangerine Tangerine!

Now we move on to Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips!


Sweet Shower Lips is a glossy, hydrating lip stick with medium pigmentation. There are 5 shades, two pinkish and the rest orange based.

The packaging is adorable:

I picked bright colours because that’s what I’m really channeling this Spring! I’ve decided putting on a bright lip is much easier than doing my eyes every day!

03 Miss Sunny Tangerine is a orangey red.

04 Miss Tangerine Tangerine is the most orange of all the shades:


Whilst they look very bright in the tube they are actually sheerer than expected. I am almost a bit disappointed as pretty as they are, especially with Sunny Tangerine as I wanted quite a bold lip.

There’s no shimmer or glitter in these shades:


Despite the lack of shimmer or pigment I have to say these plump your lips up and make them look quite ‘juicy’. They’re not too thick either which I like, and the gloss is a good amount so it doesn’t look like it’s ‘dripping’.

Miss Tangerine Tangerine is REALLY tangerine. Not kidding In the context of the whole face it does really stand out so I think one needs to be liberal with the blush so it doesn’t look like you’ve eaten a chicken korma and not wiped your mouth properly:


Sunny Tangerine I do wish was bolder but it’s pretty and wearable and definitely a lovely choice for spring and summer. It’s sheer – bear in mind these are the 2 brightest choices out there so the other natural ones may be very sheer indeed:



Very pretty and a nice texture, overall worth a purchase if you are into these kind of orange tones.

I bought mine from eBay and paid £8 each.

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  1. says

    Looks good, I love orange lip stick. I have some from barry M but they’re just.. terrible.
    No one’s mentioned the scent yet. =( Do they smell of tangerines? I adore this scent, I’d go crazy if they do.

  2. baby in a corner says

    If you love orange lippies have you tried the orange europhique rouge g guerlain from the spring collection. It is such a lovely summery colour and very wearable with a hint of pink!

  3. Jen says

    I really like these lipsticks! I thought orange would be a bit scary, but these are totally wearable :) I like the idea of turquoise on the eyes with Miss Tangerine Tangerine for some reason, very St Tropez hehe