Esprique Precious Collection

Esprique Precious is not normally a brand that turns my head – its on the pricer end of the Japanese beauty lines (by pricey I mean £15-£20 for a palette which isn’t pricey per se, but its more than say Kate, Lavshuca, SANA et al.)

Something about the new collection was calling me, ya know?

Can you guess one I like? Mode Crystal of course! Beige lips and green eyes, but in a non-typical rebellious mood I decided to try a different palette.  But back to the colours…there is a selection of 4 palettes, 5 eyeliners and several lipsticks to choose from:

Here’s what I chose (from Adambeauty – always a good choice for reasonable prices and fast cheap shipping)

C3 is the palette I went for.  This has a shimmer cream base, a light silvery-blue shimmer and a light metallic brown, then a dark blue for liner.  I’m afraid my swatch does it no justice:

It’s a BEAUTIFUL palette.  Like many Japanese palettes, you open it and a million little iridescent sparkles smile back at you…The two middle colours are quite light it has to be said, but the cream base – something I normally ignore in my Japanese palettes is absolutely beautiful.  Its super shimmery, super sparkly:

One of my favourite things is when it gets a little dark and the light reflects of shimmers in your lipstick or gloss, or your eyeshadow and it looks all twinkly and princess like.  (No, I am not on drugs today).

There are 5 eyeliners that are dual ended.  I went for a rather safe choice BK2 which is sparkly black and silver as opposed to BK1 which is the matte black and white:

This is the black side

This is the silver side

I find that the best way to deal with glittery pencils is to apply then smudge a little – the glitter will really show up then.  This works ok on the waterline, and I don’t regret buying it but I don’t necessarily want anymore.

Then there is the Dress on Moist Rouge….

These new lipsticks are……..heavenly….

PK810 – A nude baby pink with a tiny hint of shimmer

RD411 – A super shimmery red – I hate reds but this is stunning!

RO610 – A muted warm brown rose.  Much nicer than I thought it would be.

The case is a pretty white thing with some silver detailing.  The top of the lipstick also has a beautifully cut tip – argh! How can I bring myself to use it now!?

Rose, Red, Pink.

These lipsticks are….beautiful.

Pigmented, glossy, shimmery….its that lipstick the Japanese do so well.  These are more pigmented than the usual Japanese lipsticks and have the perfect lush lips look.  For me these are wayyy nicer than the YSL Rouge Volupte lippies – why?  YSL has created a lipstick that has a beautiful texture on par with Japanese lipsticks, but there’s no subtley or prettiness about them.  Flat, bright, statement colours are not that wearable at the end of the day. These Esprique lipsticks are the perfect combo of pigment, shine, and shimmer. These are going to be my new lipstick fetish :)

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  1. Li says

    Hi, my friend is going to Japan and I was going to ask him for a small sample haul of their most fun/best beauty products. Any suggestions?

  2. Row says

    Hey Li!

    There’s sooooooooooo much potentially you can buy. Is there anything in particular you like? How much do you want to spend? Jill Stuart, Lunasol, Esprique and things are a bit more expensive, but you can get loads of coolstuff from cheaper brands like Lavshuca, Kate, SANA, Kiss, Sony CP?

    Let me know more about what kind of things you like? If it were me and I had a friend going off to Japan, because I personally like eye make up, sparkly things and cream products, I’d ask a Kate Gel eyeliner, an Anna Sui Waterproof Eye Pencil, one of these Esprique Lipsticks, a Quad from Lavshuca (not the new ones, the one that is shaped like 4 tear drops) and the the Length mascara from Integrate :)

    Oh and I’d ask for VOCE, Biteki and Maquia – all japanese make up magazines cost a bomb to import much cheaper if you buy it there :)

  3. Li says

    Oooh thank you, the magazines are a brilliant idea and I think he’ll enjoy them too. Thanks very much. I like lipglosses like BB Pearl Sugar and Mac C-Thru. Eyeliner like Mac Waveline, Highbeam on the face. Pretty, light, contrasting things.

    Ahhh I just got one of the new YSL eye pallettes. Ombres 5 Lumieres in number two. So pretty, a little bit like John Galliano’s latest campaign. And the free gift? business! One last thing, I had a lovely free Lancaster highlighting pallette that I dropped, is there a way of loosening the powder, like sifting it, do you know where I could get an empty powder pot?? Li ~

  4. says

    I wanted to buy the lipsticks you got but they were sold out. I only have the eyeshadow palettes. The quality of the esprique products are very good.

    Thanks for sharing.

    lots love