Dental Health and my Phobia

Teeth. With so much focus these days on teeth whitening it’s easy to forget that as well as looking good, teeth have to be healthy.

I for one have had an uneasy relationship with my teeth.  They’re sensitive, which makes me cautious to use whitening products on them and from a young age I developed a phobia of dentists due to having multiple fillings (I hated the feel of the drill on my teeth and the burning smell!). 

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One thing I definitely don’t want to do now I am a Mama is pass on this phobia or indeed, my love of fizzy drinks and sweets to my baby.  Here are some things that I now do and I will get into Baby C’s routine once he has a full set of his adult gnashers!

1. Use an electric toothbrush

 Once you use an electric toothbrush, you will never go back to a manual one.  I remember purchasing a cheap £10 one years ago and I was amazed by how clean my teeth felt.  These days there’s are lots to choose from to suit all budgets but personally I invested in a more expensive but comprehensive one, just because caring for my teeth is important. The Colgate Pro Clinical Toothbrush is a recently released electric toothbrush with smart sensors that automatically adjusts speed and direction so you get different cleaning care for your teeth and gums.

 2. Use a suitable toothpaste

 There’s so many different toothpastes around and I have tried some strange ones (charcoal toothpaste anyone?!).  My favourite one is Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief  which I reviewed here – I notice the difference if I stop using it!  I sometimes use the sensitive toothpaste then a whitening one to maintain a fresh mouth.

 3. Use a mouthwash

 I never used to use a mouthwash because I hated how strong some of them are.  Since discovering alcohol free mouthwash, I haven’t looked back – I find these do not dry the mouth so much. Don’t forget there are special mouthwashes you can get if you are having gum trouble too.

 4. Floss!

 A while ago I had a conversation with people at work and was surprised by how few people bothered to floss. Food gets trapped in between the teeth people!  One of my favourite flosses is thick tape type which you can really work between the teeth rather than thin ones – but this depends on your comfort levels (a friend of mine said she never flossed as she was scared the string would get stuck!) and how much space you have between your teeth.

 Either way, once you see how much stuff is stuck between your teeth, you won’t stop flossing!

 5. Go to the dentist!

Yep, it’s back to my phobia. Despite hating going to the dentists, I recently signed up to a new nice dentist who was great; with the right pain relief you won’t feel too much going on!  It’s important to get a checkup every 6 months to make sure you don’t have any cavities, so you can avoid that drill!

Summary; Of all the tools you need I would say a good electric toothbrush is the best investment you will make; a toothbrush from a reputable name like Colgate is a good bet for a brush that will last (remember you just need to buy replacement heads in the future!).  

 What kind of dental care routine do you have?

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  1. Jasmine says

    One thing my dentist told me was that saliva has a crucial role in protecting teeth. Don’t let your mouth dry out because this means the salivary barrier is compromised. Always keep your mouth hydrated and it keeps the bacteria from multiplying!