Day 7 Christmas Giveaways: Lord & Berry Christmas Gift Kit

#alttext#To celebrate the festive month, Cosmetic Candy will be giving away a goody a day up until December the 25th! To keep things interesting, I am giving away all kinds of goodies, not just beauty!

You can enter all the giveaways and winners will be chosen in the first week of January. Use the Christmas Giveaways Tag to see all the contests.

All contests are open internationally and you can enter using the comments or via Twitter.

Good Luck & have an wonderful Christmas!

Today I have a lovely Christmas Gift Kit from Lord & Berry – keep it or gift it!

Inside is:

* 1 x Make-up Bag
* 1 x Trio Lip Gloss – Is This Love?
* 1 x Kajal Eye Liner Black
* 1 x Alchimia Mascara Black


Products inside are full sized….– Kajal Eyeliner is adapted for use on the inside of the eyelid and is suitable for the most sensitive eyes, extremely comfortable to use.

– The Alchimia Mascara adds volume, length and curl. It contains vitamin E and is water resistant and smudge proof.

– Trio Gloss is infused with apricot extract vitamins and sunflower emollients and consists of 2 Ultra Treatment Silk Lip Glossed and 1 Multi Purpose Poured Lipstick.

Wanna win?

Method 1.

Answer the following question:

You are stranded on an island and someone, possibly God has sent you an amnesty parcel. There are 5 things inside and this is the BEST box you have ever received. What is inside?


1. Ready cooked crispy bacon
2. Heated slippers
3. A cat (friendly)
4. An ipad
5. A matcha latte

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow & RT to a Lord Berry Christmas Kit. Info:

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!

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  1. Sara Thoresson says:

    1. My sister!
    2. A good book
    3. A camera
    4. a lighter
    5. A knife! (so i can get my own food, like bananas!)

  2. 1. A sausage sammich
    2. A kettle
    3. Plenty of tea bags
    4. Tom Hardy
    5. My SLR so I can take lots of pics of Tom Hardy 😀

  3. 1. A bar of chocolate
    2. Tweezers
    3. Diet Pepsi
    4. An iPhone (with reception lol)
    5. A lighter

  4. 1. Lipbalm
    2. Lifetime supply of coffee (preferably hazelnut cappuccino)
    3. all the Dune books, past present and future.
    4. Perfume
    5. Some way to update and read my Twitter feed!

  5. 1. plenty of food
    2. a dog
    3. an iPhone with internet access, lol
    4. blankets
    5. a torch

  6. Yasmin Butt says:

    My soulmate
    A cat
    The Internet connected to a laptop with an everlasting battery
    A replenishing hamper of food and drink that continues to surprise you with it’s culinary inventiveness
    A pop up home for the wet days

  7. 1. lipbalm
    2. swiss army knife (best thing for camping!)
    3. a diary (will actually have time to write something now)
    4. some chocolate
    5. torchlight. the dark is creepy

  8. my boyfriend
    my chihuahuas
    a starbucks vanilla bean frapuccino
    my laptop (w wifi)
    reeces pieces.

  9. 1. A cute and loyal puppy
    2. freshly baked cookies
    3. a dslr
    4. a very huggable teddy
    5. a cute dress

  10. 1. a cute, strong guy to help me hunt food and stuff! hahaha
    2. a nice bed equipped with a large umbrella in case it rains! it also has wheels and can be transformed into a car ;P
    3. video games! tons of them.
    4. infinite supply of nice food such as tom yam, pizza, cookies!
    5. a genie who can grant me wishes XD

  11. westerneyes11 says:
  12. 1. my best friend
    2. an iphone with phone and internet connection
    3. nice, fresh clothes and makeup
    4. a rescue plane coming in 3 hours
    5. Yummy Iced Chocolate.

  13. Depending on what kinda island..

    A) Deserted island
    – Box of LifeStraws
    – Bundle of knives
    – Cans of food
    – Satelite radio with solar charger
    – Really really really thick but good book

    B) Holiday island
    – Money
    – Blank cheque that works with my name on it
    – More money
    – Even more money
    – Hot guy who adores me

  14. Ok, assuming I already have the bare minimum essentials for survival…

    1. Guerlain Super Aqua-Day comfort creme (I really hate having dry skin!)
    2. Duck pate (my favourite food in the world)
    3. A bottle of ribena (actually can’t function without this, it’s all I drink)
    4. My laptop (with all my music, and ideally an internet connection)
    5. My teddy :)

  15. craig

    my five kids, couldn’t live without them!

  16. 1) Kitten number one
    2) Kitten number two
    3) A lifetime’s supply of double choc cookies
    4) Carmex balm
    5) And a cheeky bottle of wine! 😀

  17. 1. Etude House Sherbet Mist Ice Spray
    2. Jill Stuart Brightening Eye Cream
    3. A bottle of water that always refills
    4. My iPhone
    5. A studio booth

  18. Rachel Reid says:

    1) A toothbrush
    2) Suncream
    3) A blanket
    4) A never-ending Soda fountain
    5) Never ending loo roll

    All very practical! lol :)

  19. 1. iPhone 4
    2. Cosmetics from MAC
    3. Fine chocolate
    4. A flight ticket to Paris
    5. A bag from COACH

  20. hmmm i would have to say
    1. a boat (to get off the darn island)
    2. 2 billion pounds
    3. shares at MAC
    4. puppies!
    5. a shotgun. you never know.

    Best freaking box EVER.

  21. 1. my husband
    2. unlimited supply of toilet roll
    3. a computer with internet access (to find out how to do things and what plants are safe to eat)
    4. several pairs of trainers to protect my feet when I explore
    5. lots of suntan cream so I don’t burn

  22. 1. a pink SPX sneakers
    2. My one and only love (HIM)
    3. 10 boxes of 20 inches, all-meat pizza
    4. CLINIQUE skincare line
    5. Sunblock

  23. well I would have to say
    1. a double espresso that never runs out
    2. sunscreen
    3. waffle with 2 scoops of icecream and caramel syrup (yum!!)
    4. a hammock and shade
    5. a free teleportation back home ticket! (lol)


  24. Jacquiline Brassington says:

    1. My Husband (he can make anything and is not scared of spiders)
    2. My kids, CJ and jessie
    3. Coffee
    4. never ending croissants
    5. My Mobile ( because i can text someone to rescue us when i have had enough)

  25. Diana Cotter says:

    1. Some chickens
    2. Toolbox full of tools
    3. Goats
    4. Tinderbox
    5. Plenty of books

  26. Lorraine Partyn says:

    1. Moisturiser with SPF
    2. Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream
    4.Bottle of Baileys
    5. Laptop – with Wifi connection of course!!

  27. 1 A book on self sufficiency
    2 A box full of kitchen utensils incl a sharp knife
    3 A box of diy and gardening tools incl. an axe and a supply of seeds
    4 An ark full of paired animals of my choice (plus a handyman Friday)
    5 My duvet

  28. 1. Flint/matches/lighter
    2. A cast iron pot
    3. The whole Harry Potter book set
    4. A plane. Yes, a plane…
    5. 500 barrels of petrol for said plane. That should be enough.

  29. 1- My DragonMonkey
    2- survival kit providing the other things I cannot find on the island
    3- TV with XboX/Kinect along with plenty of games
    4- all our comics and books
    5- our entire DVD collection

  30. Rebecca Ho says:

    1. All 7 Harry Potter books
    2. A nice human being I would like
    3. laptop with internet?
    4. lifetime supply of sensations thai sweet chilli crisps
    5. lighter
    was that cheating? 😛

  31. 1. Laptop with magically working internets
    2. Pillow
    3. Survival Kit with Bonus Machete
    4. Indefinite supply of delicious chocolate
    5. Hello Kitty Blanket. Need that. Always. <3

  32. 1. iPad with internet:)
    2. A Snuggie
    3. Lip Balm
    4. Air Bed
    5. Tool box

  33. 1. My boyfriend
    2. a lighter
    3. sun cream protection
    4. my glasses and sunglasses
    5. tent

  34. 1. My iMac and external harddrive
    2. Endless supply of coca cola
    3. Endless supply of Pad Thai
    4. My whole mac makeup collection… plus skincare and all that.
    5. a hot fireman with no shirt on

  35. kirsten T says:

    1. Private Jet
    2. Masseuse
    3. Sunblock
    4. Water
    5. toothbrush and toothpaste

    1 and 2 so i can leave and island and return to it for my massage the rest are essentials.

  36. byebyehoneypie says:

    1. My boyfriend
    2. Endless supply of delicious food, such as chocolate, pizza, french fries…
    3. A laptop with fast internet connection
    4. Flight tickets for all over the world
    5. Dresses and make-up stuff

  37. tousledkitten says:

    1. My boyfriend.
    2. Peace of mind.
    3. A new family.
    4. A new childhood.
    5. Gordon Ramsay to cook for us every night.

  38. 1. My top two best friends
    2. Solar charged iPod
    3. Lots of munchies
    4. Barrel of good wine
    5. Duvet

  39. 1)Books
    4)Flip flops

  40. mirela dedic says:

    1) choclate
    3)my bestfriend!
    4)a boat

  41. 1) my laptop
    2) my daughter
    3) some beer
    4) my husband
    5) a new bikini

  42. Aleksandra says:

    1) an entire sephora store (obviously, we’d barter in coconuts)
    2) A solar powered waterproof laptop
    3) a really nice internet connection
    4) A really nice lighter
    5) Laundry detergent

  43. My hubby :)
    Coffee – lots and lots of it, preferably with some sort of sweetener with it so I don’t have to drink it black.
    Either his or my laptop, fully loaded with all of our music and books, with a solar charger for the battery.
    Lip balm that has sunscreen in it.
    A nice comfy bed (air mattress?) complete with sheets, blanket (for those odd chilly times) and pillows.

  44. 1) a huge tub of vaseline
    2) a sun shade
    3) a lighter
    4) a penknife
    5) a good book

  45. hmmm tricky one!
    1: A makeup bag filled with loads of HG products (does that count?! haha I’m cheating already ;D)
    2:A cat preferably, or some other pet to keep me company
    3:Some of my bezzies <3 (how big is this box?!)
    4: A wardrobe filled with island get up (Bikini, sarong, etc)
    5: A BOAT! To get out of there whenever I feel like it, haha!

  46. Charlotte W says:

    1. A phone with infinite signal.
    2. never-ending food
    3. my friends
    4. A laptop for internet shopping
    5.a waterstones worth of books.


  47. katherine grieve says:

    laptop with dongle
    gorgeous food hamper
    huge pile of books
    lip balm
    nivea moisturiser

  48. Hello !
    1) Ipod
    2) tweezers
    3) a mattress
    4) My boyfriend : loulou d’amour
    5) my glasses Ray-Ban

    Thank you for your giveway ! xxx
    Snowy hello from France :-)

  49. 1. a laptop with internet connection (for several reasons lol)
    2. food
    3. shampoo
    4. toothbrush & toothpaste
    5. razors