Day 3: Fringe Clip


I didn’t forget! Here is the beauty tool for day 3 – a fringe hair clip!


You clip this onto your fringe and blow dry, it gives you a nice life and curvy shape, a la dallas. You can also put the clip in and leave it all day.


It’s a cheap purchase, about £3 including shipping. I have an extremely annoying fringe at the moment that is not cut the way I wanted it so it’s a bit choppy (I wanted a sharp blunt fringe) but it’s also too long to leave down. This fringe clip gives it a bit of lift when I inevitable swipe it to the side. If you blow and go (ahem) like me then using this tool won’t use up too much effort.

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  1. pikko says

    looks interesting – where did you purchase this?? i think this would solve the “clip dent” when i use the regular hair clips after i wash my hair!!

  2. Row says

    Hey Pikko

    Its on ebay –
    Just type in FRINGE HAIR CLIP and loads will come up!
    I hate my fringe bit too long to be down, bit to short to tuck behind my ear.