Customising my ASUS EEE 900 Laptop – Blood, Sweat and Tears…

..but luckily not mine.

But more on that later.

The Asus EEE 900 is 9 Inches of pure lurve. This super compact laptop as everything you need to stay connected – etc. etc. Basically it means I can type anywhere I want and it weighs about the same as a few of my books that I am hauling around at the moment.


So I decided my little baby needed some personalization. Now I had this debacle with my beloved MACbook – when I first bought it, I covered it with this protector, that protector, screen covers, etc. etc. – and it all damaged it far more than it helped. Once I pulled the protecting cover off it, it was left with a horrid scratchy looking residue that would not come off. The point is I learnt that covers and what not can do more damage than good.

So with the ASUS (let’s call him Burt), Burt needed some va-va-voom. I wanted to protect the cover first rather than stick a load of gems one (like how I did with my Nintendo DS…yes another tragic story of gems that won’t come off with taking a layer of paint…)

I found this product called Deco Clear at Strapya World (fab shop, don’t go there if you don’t want to spend a load of money on bits of junk).

I choose Clear with Sparkles:

You basically paint on one coat, wait 20mins, paint another coat, wait an hour, then stick your gems on. It comes off in the manner of PCV glue.

So I painted on the coats:



Arrgghhh! What have I done!

But don’t worry as it dries CLEAR with glitter.

For flexibility I bought a load of loose gems so I could make any design. I went for psychedelic type:

The next stage was to transfer this onto the laptop. Since I have always been grap with ratios and what not, I got the other half to lay out the outline of the pattern:

*NOTE – You may want to confiscate Grand Theft Auto 4 or BOTH of the Playstation controllers, otherwise this job will take a lot longer, with constant ‘breaks’.

Unfortunately I had to go and do other things, whilst the boyfy kindly filled in all the gaps – I knew he would get possesive over it anyway after a while because he had to get the angeles straight and what not.

Anyway here is the finished thing!:

It looks much nicer in real life – I have already had admiring glaces across Starbucks at my laptop.

The cost of customizing was $9 for the Deco clear, about 10 packs of crystals at £1 each so around £15, plus a lot of earache. Worth it, totally!

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  1. Nic Nic says

    very bling and pretty! god i could never do that to my macbook.. maybe to my pink case LOL!

  2. R says

    Once you have dropped ur macbook and given it a few scratches (like me) you wont care anymore 😀

  3. yummy411 says

    gorgeously blinged out laptop! so the gems have awesome staying power with that polish glue? so neat and perfectly aligned!

  4. MandyPandy says

    Yes, but what’re you blinging out your desktop with? I hope it’s ACTUAL blood, sweat and tears. Now that I’d like to see!

  5. R says

    Thanks Yummi!

    The polish is just a protective base, but I did apply them when it was a little bit sticky for some holding power! time will tell!

  6. R says

    Mandy – always raising the damn bar! I am going to bling out everything – the TV, the DVD, the bookshelf, the kittens

  7. Hai-Man says

    Wow! I want that laptop too! Is that what you spend time on now that you’ve graduateed? I’m still trying to figure out what to do with myself! Hehe =) xx

  8. R says

    Hi Mun!

    I see you found my blog!!!

    Yeah this is what you do after graduating…after working 50 hours a week, looking after 5 kitties, paying all your bills and giving 30% of your wages to the tax man. Yeah its all fun!