Christmas Gifting Idea 2013 No. 2: Elemis Spa Candle

There was a time when I poo-poohed the idea of expensive candles.. ‘Well, it’s like burning money!’ but after realising that you can only get so far with an Airwick candle in ‘Ocean Breeze’ from Home Bargains, I now love a good luxury candle.  Even if I do only burn it sparingly. 

Elemis’ Christmas offering is actually quite well priced at £25, and comes in a beautiful jar and box:

Elemis Spa Candle

No need to wrap this up, it looks gorgeous just like this! 

This candle is a warm and slightly spicy scent, with cinnamon, orange and vanilla. It reminds me of a soft orange cake baking in the oven but it isn’t as obvious or sweet as that…it’s not a Yankee candle in ‘Vanilla Sponge’ if you catch my drift – it still smells very elegant and like a ‘spa’ candle, not a ‘food’ one. 

This candle burns for around 40 hours so it should last quite nicely. 

Elemis Spa Candle 1

Definitely a lovely gift for people who like candles and luxury but without breaking the bank! 

The Scent of Spa candles costs £25 and you can buy it here. 

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