Caffeine in you Eyeshadow? Skinfood Coffee Creamy Color Fit Eyeshadow Review

I am still quite crazy for Skinfood skinare and make up – the products are just so interesting and innovative and as soon as I saw these Coffee eyeshadows I knew it was a instant must have.

Coffee eyeshadow?! Oh yes. Coffee Knickers, Coffee TV, Coffee Lovin’ – I’ll take anything coffee related.

Skinfood’s Coffee Creamy Colour Fit Shades are quads, in round brown metallic pots. I bought two shades, 01 called Cafe Mink Mocha and 02 Irish Coffee. The swatches online are NOT very accurate so these didn’t look quite as I expected.


They say:

A palette of 4 different colors of eye shadow with a smooth texture that is reminiscent of milk coffee. Blends perfectly with your skin tone, and stays put all day.

I have no idea how you could compare the texture of an eyeshadow to the texture of an eyeshadow but ok, whatever you say…

(Before you ask – tragically, it does not smell like Kenco).



One thing about this eyeshadow is that it’s quite smooth with a slightly glittery edge. It’s not gritty though, it’s quite a pretty shimmer…

This has a cream, pink, brown and dark black:


Irish Coffee looks like a green combination but in real life it’s a purple and chocolate combo. I was a bit disappointed but it’s the online swatched that are out of sync…






– Creamy
– Soft Metallic
– Nice wearable colours
– Easy to blend


– All shimmery shades, no mattes
– Colours are quite neutral


Overall these are nice quads to own although I’m not overwhelmed by them. The colours are not as interesting as I’d expected but quite a pretty wearable look for the day. If you like neutrals with a twist these might be nice pick for you.

These are from eBay! Of course!

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