Biteki Magazine DVD

Occasionally, I will buy VOCE or Biteki Magazine; both are Japanese Mags, that specialize in cosmetics.

Subscription to the UK is very expensive due to shipping, so insead, every few months I will order the magazines from the Japan Centre in London – although they done run out quickly.

I was very pleased in the March issue of Biteki to find the spring colours catalgue and this free DVD:

Although all in Japanese and a teeny weeny with monotonous, I was really pleased to watch this DVD! It features a female make up artist, applying make up from primer to finish. I find watching application very relaxing (yes, it did make me fall asleep), but it was full of useful tips and ideas.

I also decided to get two more MAC Lip Conditioners from the Disney Collection. I am just getting by you understand, whilst I wait for Paul & Joe to arrive!

I haven’t used them yet, should I? Limited Edition and all that…

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