Birthday Stuff

I had my hair cut and coloured at my usual hair salon, Denny Hairdressing today – I ended up with an absolutely wicked haircut (did I just say wicked?!). He did it very short and fluffy at the top, and the colour turned out a really nice warm honey brown too. Love it!

Then I went to the salon J.Crystal as a treat, had the pamper package which included a Pedicure, Manicure, Back massage and Dermalogica Facial.

It started off well with the back massage but then I had two youngish beauty salon gals coming in for the pedicure (lying down?!) and a facial. It kind of went downhill from there.

Natter natter went the girls about their weekends.

“Have you done the face map?” asked one.
“Er-no?” the other said.

You see I’m sure with a Dermalogica facial you are supposed to at least ASK what kind of skin type I have? Nevertheless the facial wasn’t very good – it was just product over product over product and not much in terms of massage.

The pedicure was fine although my big toe was completely smudged when I got up – they said it was dry!

The manicure was not good – it had those little air bubble things on it and quite messy. On principle, I am keeping the polish on since I paid for it but I am going over it with another shade of red to smooth it out.

I know, a lessoned learned. I just didn’t feel relaxed in the end because there was too much nattering going on and I am sooooo disappointed with my nails. It was such a pretty OPI colour too. :O/

Anyway here’s my birthday cake, from the boy:

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  1. Row says

    Hey Wieniawski

    Perhaps I’ll post a hair pic? I guess its short layered at the top but very long at the back – I swear it doesn’t look like a mullet!

    The cake was well chosen wasn’t it!

  2. Row says

    Hey Pandy

    I’m quite sure the boyf wouldn’t have forked out more than £4.99 – he must have just got lucky!