Birthday Giveaway!

I have been too busy to do a giveaway this week but here it is!

This week you can win a RMK palette!

RMK Limited Edition Palette-1.jpg

It consists of 3 cream shadows, 2 cream blushers and 3 lip glosses. It comes in a cute compact with a RMK lettering design and a pink pouch.

I can’t believe its only been a year on WordPress & my own domain. The blog is completely growing from strength to strength, so thank you – readers!

To win, tell me in the comments:

How should I celebrate Cosmetic Candy’s 1st Birthday?

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  1. Happy Birthday! If you’re going to celebrate it my way, I’d have you buy a huge birthday cake and a number 1 candle. I’d have your kitties (if they could sit still!) and Baby Gomez put on cute birthday hats and gather them round the cake! Then spend the rest of the time pigging out on yummy cake! Sounds pretty corny but I love celebrating birthdays like that. I did that with Toby’s (my former cat) first birthday. :)

  2. Grab some loved and close ones and a cake and celebrate the success of your wordpress! πŸ˜€

  3. Alexandria says:

    How about a contest for some of that makeup loot you have stashed? Something birthday or cosmetics candy related?

    Otherwise, you should do what you damn well please for your site’s birthday! How’s that for a celebration?

  4. Happy Birthday!! To celebrate, I would select my top 20 favorite cosmetic products and put them all on to remember why you love them so much!!! Congratulations again!

  5. Kassandra says:

    Happy birthday :) a big party at yours which would allow us all to raid u
    your stash would be a GREAT way of celebrating :) we could bring cake with us though!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You know how you should celebrate? Hangin’ out with me, cus it’s my birthday today too :D:D WOOOT. I must say that I’m quite honored to share the same birthday as Cosmetic Candy!

    Oh I think I like the idea of Baby Gomez in a party hat. Please do it! <3 Baby Gomez!

  7. Nicolavc86 says:

    Give me a rmk home & we can give each other rmk makeovers & then go to the trafford & buy the counter!! & live together in an rmk world happily ever after! i will bake cupcakes whenever u like!!!

  8. diskogal says:

    Well, being the shopaholic that I am, my idea of celebration would be to treat yourself with a major cosmetics haulage! And then show it to us of course :)

    Happy birthday cosmetic candy!! You have come to be one of my very favorite blogs, congratulations!!

  9. Sending birthday wishes to you… xoxo

  10. WOOHOO Happy 1st bday!!! I think it’d be very fun to celebrate the bday by inviting people to join a contest of replicating any of ur looks… or do a look that is “candy-ish”? It’ll be super fun!

  11. Buy a cake and party with the kitties, youtube star Megan, and baby Gomez. And of course, take pictures of the event to show us netizens! πŸ˜€

  12. Happy Birthday!! The only way to celebrate such an occasion is to get all done up, pop a bottle of champagne, and toast your good fortune. Well done and congratulations! Cheers!

  13. Amanda K says:

    Happy Bloggy Birthday Cosmetic Candy!!

    Throw A Party!!

  14. Happy Bday!
    spoil yourself with a cake and some more cosmetics!

    Have a good day.

  15. I think you should go out to your favourite restaurant for dinner and then treat yourself with a new present you always wanted.

  16. Kimberly says:

    Congratulations on making a year. Your blog has fast become one of my favorite beauty blogs I must read daily. Thanks for all of the hard work & dedication to your blog & all your followers.

  17. def have megan sing a song!! and do a kitty look? haha haappy big 1st bday!

  18. Happy Blog Birthday! Celebrate by going through your crazy stash and write posts on neglected items that deserve to be seen! πŸ˜€

  19. Halifax says:

    I’d suggest some makeup treats, a post of 1-year looking back, and spend some nice time for yourself :-)

  20. Allilanta says:

    Grab a few loved ones, a few cats, and a dazzling outfit and celebrate with a night on the town…in Sephora. :) H1BD!

  21. Happy birthday!!!treat yourself with shopping, SPA and dinner

  22. MissBling says:

    Happy Birthday!! You should throw a candy-themed party!!

  23. get some cupcakes with happy birthday to cosmetic candy written all over it. that’s 28 cupcakes!

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