Beauty Story Platinum Gold Leaf Anti Aging & Birds Nest Eye Mask Review

You’ve heard of Beauty Diary face masks, right?

Well there’s also Beauty Story – this range is from Japan whereas Beauty Diary is from Taiwan.

I do like sheet masks a lot, although they can get in the way of…well, eating! That’s why I love eye only sheet masks. They don’t get in the way at all and treat me no. 1 tired spot under my eyes.


I bought two boxes, called Platinum eye masks. One is Bird’s Nest and the other is Gold Leaf Anti-Aging. You get 5 pairs in each pack, and they are individually sealed.This box opens up like this:


Here are the two masks. Both are really handy sized for carrying around.


The Platinum Gold Leaf Anti Aging eye mask is a clear, jelly type mask. It is very wet feeling with a lot of liquid in the pack. This is held in a two sided container so that it keeps its shape – the mould is really useful to keep if you are interested in making your own masks at some point.

This mask is supposed to help hydrate and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It contains some gold foil (but you can’t see this!) and glycerine.

I loved this one. It sticks on to the skin nicely and stays ‘wet’ for a while. I think it left my skin refreshed, hydrated and brighter.


The Platinum Bird’s Nest mask is not a clear jelly type – it’s a jelly type with a fabric backing (like the DHC masks). These are still extremely thick, good quality masks you don’t usually get (a lot of sheet masks are just one sheet of thin cotton, not a jelly).

This one is supposed to moisturise and improve elasticity. I don’t know what Bird’s Nest is supposed to do for skin, when applied, but the Chinese believe it is healthy.

I liked this mask too – it’s less ‘drippy’ and refreshes the eye nicely. If I were using a mask in a public place (such as on a plane) I would use this one because it’s less messy than the former.

It really just looks and feel like a white jelly patch – you have to be careful not to leave these on until they dry – then they seem to pull at the skin when you remove it.

However, overall I prefer the Gold Leaf one – it just feels so nice on the skin and provides more hydration!


Two great eye masks from Beauty Story! Really handy for a little pick me up. I highly recommend them especially the gold leaf. I paid about £5.50 for these so they cost just over £1 each from eBay.

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  1. says

    I always have tired and puffy eyes because I sleep late at night. hmmm… I want to give these masks a try. :)

  2. says

    Are you sure these masks are from Japan? The writing on them is entirely traditional Chinese…

  3. says

    I am actually using something that works from inside your body out rejuvenating my cells! I am really happy with the results. My skin and hair are showing great improvement and I also have a great deal more energy!