Beauty Ramble: What beauty hauls make you truly excited?

So I haul make up quite regularly *cough cough* and there’s no doubt that some things induce far more excitement than others.

I was thinking; most make up I buy without thinking, out of habit (ie. I collect Nars multiples so I’ll even buy ones that don’t suit me!) and quite often just because I want to review it, or swatch it, or just because it’s a new release. (When I buy MAC for example, I usually find it quite a ‘staple’ brand and I don’t get too excited about my orders arriving.)

Only sometimes do I buy something that makes me really giddy and excited and I’m counting down the days for it to arrive.

It’s usually something expensive, something Asian, something Limited Edition. Who am I kidding? A quick whip around in Superdrug just doesn’t feel the same!


At the moment I am giddy at the prospect of a few things that are in the post…Cle De Peau Extra Rich Lipstick, a new Anna Sui Eyeshadow (most beautiful shell packaging), YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks, Jill Stuart’s Loose Blush (so damn expensive!). I have some really cute bits from Melliesh and Candydoll cosmetics too! Can’t wait!

I get the package in the post (and I always know what’s inside cos tragically, I recognise the handwriting) and savour it before opening. Pretty, pretty make up inside. I think I’m addicted to parcels.

So how do you feel about your hauls?

Is everything you buy something you are giddy about or do you ever buy out of habit or peer pressure etc?

Do you have anything due in the post that is making you excited?

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  1. says

    The only things I don’t get giddy about is re-purchases. Necessary items that I need. Its just boring buying them. I like new shiny make up to play with. Something Ive not used before.

  2. says

    I get excited about everything. If it comes in the mail, I am super excited for it. Right now I have some mini Skin79 BB creams that I’m waiting for and I’m just super OMGWANT right now.

    New stuff is more exciting than stuff I haven’t tried before though~

  3. dana says

    I get giddy about buying ANY cosmetics and face care. I don’t really go for expensive products because I wasted my money on them and I’ve found better products at boots or superdrug. I’ve been use boots essentials face wash and I find that better than anything else I’ve ever used!

  4. Alexandra says

    I get giddy about any makeup. Im currently waiting for a Victoria Secret Fall Face Kit in Light. Seeing as i ordered it off ebay and from a seller in the US , it will take a while to get here.

  5. Emilyjane says

    mmm. Any parcels really but strangely not the make up ones as I usually buy because of a lemming, sight unseen and I’m usually disappointed by some aspect of the product and wish I’d just tested instore first and not gone ahead and ordered. (I’m looking at YOU Chanel) Books, however, get me very excited, and I’m always waiting for some glossy beauty to arrive at my door! x

  6. Tusnelda says

    A parcel from NARS, bought for me by a friend in the US, bringing it with him when coming over here soon.
    Shopping for cosmetics is not primarily a man’s business. Yet, I had found a code for 20% off and it would have driven me nuts not to ask him. I stuck to a “few” things though because, well, I didn’t want to overdo it.
    I always look forward to seeing him but this time even a little bit more.

  7. Yazoo says

    Oh i get sooo excited when it comes to makeup. Even when im buying it in the shops or online, but i try and tend to stay away from online hauling. i dont like the idea of me buying something and it isnt in my hands as soon as ive exchanged money for it. But that still didnt stop me from making 7 online purchases this month….:)

  8. Kitty says

    I feel satisfied whether its something expensive or something from Superdrugs or Primark!! I just love buying things for myself, and it always leaves me with a happy glow!!

    Kitty x

  9. says

    I feel quite the same, I only get very excited when it’s sth high end or LE or sth that I ‘ve been wanting for a long time! Also, whenever I purchase sth, that is very different to what I already own, it doesnt have to be expensive!

    However, lately, I don’t get the same rush as I used to, clearly sth’s wrong with me!