Bargain Shopping: Taxi London Cosmetics at Superdrug!

Whenever I spot the bargain bucket in a store, I always at as cool as possible, as if I’m not bovvered, then slowly, whilst no one is looking at me, slip over to the bucket for a quick rummage.

I did this in my local Superdrug recently where they had a mixture of Eyeko, Taxi London and Playboy cosmetics. Those counters had largely disappeared in this branch of Superdrug so I am guessing that they were getting rid of unwanted stock.

Taxi London caught my eye. I have never tried the range before – judging by their website, they are more famous for their concealer of men.

Taxi london light up lip gloss.jpg

I bought 10 things at £1 each – so I spent just £10! The thing I focused on was their City Lights lip glosses – these are similar to the NEW ID cosmetics lip glosses – they light up and have a mirror on the side.

I also LOVE sparkly glosses.

I’m not sure if I will keep all of these or if I will give some away so I only opened one that I definitely want to keep – Crystal Palace which is a sheer green-yellow:

taxi city lights lip gloss.jpg

I also bought two of the standard lip glosses in a sheer pink and a bronze gold:

taxi london lip gloss.jpg

The light up element:

taxi London Light up lip gloss-1.jpg

Its a very blue light it omits but its useful if you apply your lip gloss…in the dark. As you do. Don’t want to scare those ghosts.

Swatches (I also bought three lipsticks):

Taxi London Lipstick Lip gloss make up shades.jpg

I noticed Taxi London is still in one of the other stores near me but checking their site, there’s no evidence of these products so they must be discontinued.

The lipsticks are average, the lip glosses are average too. The City Lights glosses are great though, a lot of fun to use and lovely and sparkly.

Have you had any bargain bucket buys lately?

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Oh it makes me happy they are named after places I know. I walk my dogs in Crystal Palace park :) x