Whiter teeth with Listerine Advanced White Review


Who doesn’t want whiter teeth, right? I for one as a dedicated coffee and tea drinker have stained teeth. I use sensitive toothpaste rather than whitening so I give my teeth an occasional whiten with a kit – it makes a big difference although I don’t do it that regularly.  So the Listerine Advanced White […]

The Suqqu Gankin Massage & Half Price Reader Offer


I have been waiting FOREVER – Forever – to try the signature Suqqu Gankin massage.  GANKIN! What is the Gankin massage? Basically it is a 3 minute massage used to help stiff facial muscles and life sagging skin.  It is a very strong massage that is supposed to help drain fluid and improve circulation too. […]

Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fragrance Review


Ever since I went to The Perfume Society’s smelling class (that’s what I’ll call it) I’ve had a real appreciation for fragrance that I’ve never had before.  As I get older my tastes in scent have changed – there is a part of me that likes those dark, smokey leathery scents there there is that part of […]

Lip Stick Love! Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow Lipstick in Vanilla Peach


I was put off buying Secret Key’s Sweet Glam Tint lip colour for ages because it is quite clearly a Dior lipstick rip off and I can’t bear that kind of thing. But I eventually caved – I haven’t used anything from Secret key (yet another low end Korean brand!) before so I thought I would […]

This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray Review


I have two babies. I get very little sleep. The more they sleep the more I get to rest but it’s not something you can necessarily control – therefore I do welcome natural and gentle ways of helping them fall asleep and stay asleep.  This Works is well known for it’s Sleep Sprays, lovely lavender […]

How I wear MAC Diva lipstick


On Friday I went for an evening browse in the shops with the husband and kids – this particular shopping centre also has a kids soft play area so as Mr C took the large child of a tumble, I pushed a sleeping baby around and ended up picking a few treats for everyone. My […]

Baby Beauty Products I Love 2015: L’Occitane, Bioderma, Childs Farm, Mustela, This Works and Boiron


Ooh heck. Sometimes I look at my two little ragamuffins and think – how did I have two babies?! They came from nowhere! (Well not literally but…time passes quickly when you have kids, that’s all I am saying).  Needless to say, no child of mine is going to use cheap and nasty products on their […]

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