Aubergine Make Up? Yah! Skinfood Eggplant Soft Shadow Stick Review

I love Aubergines, one of my favourite vegetables, even though it comes in a stupid shape.

What a beautiful shade of purple tho, eh?

Eggplant (or Aubergine) Soft Stick Shadows from Skinfood are chubby eye crayons that come in White and Black. These are supposed to be soft, blendable eyeshadow crayons – I have hope!

Speaking of Eggplants, I think that’s a stupid name for an Aubergine. It doesn’t look like an egg and it doesn’t look like a plant.


I got this in black and white because I thought these are pretty basic shades I can use for all sorts; smoky eyes, as a base, a highlighter etc.

Both are quite hard waxy pencils, with a fine shimmer.

These are chubby pencils, too chubby to be a good eyeliner. Also, these are retractable; no sharpener needed!


There swatch quite well:

But to be honest, I think there should be more to it. The colours are decent if you don’t have anything else similar, otherwise they are jut a bit flat.

It’s missing some of that aubergine magic.


I did a quick messy eye with the colours to have a play. They only creased a bit, but still I just didn’t think there was much to it.


All in all, not really worth buying. No better than MAC shadesticks (which were average at best anyway) – I want eye crayons that are madly pigmented and last all day! This doesn’t do this, unfortunately :(

I bought these for £6 each on eBay.

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  1. says

    I agree with you, they don’t look all that, although I have to say, I love the way you’ve done your eyes, they look fab!

    I prefer the Make Up Forever Rock For Ever set of five eyeliners, (all of which you can use as eye-shadow too), which is available as a Limited Edition in Sephora. Four metallics, in yellow, bronze, grey and silver, and the fifth one is black. GORGEOUS! Will probably be doing a little review of them on my website, so take a look there in a couple of days.